Rep. Pellicciotti takes on Equifax-style data leaks

With recent data leaks jeopardizing the financial information of millions of Washingtonians, State Representative Mike Pellicciotti (D-Federal Way) will introduce new legislation next session to provide assistance and protection to consumers.

Pellicciotti’s legislation allows consumers who received notice of a security breach to freeze their credit with consumer reporting agencies for no cost. “It’s ridiculous that companies can put the public’s credit at risk and then charge those fraud victims that try to secure their credit,” said Pellicciotti. “My proposed bill is a commonsense consumer protection that will allow more people to protect their private information.”

Current law allows victims of identity theft and seniors to freeze credit for free, but in Washington fraud victims must first submit a formal police report to get this protection. This police report requirement drains law enforcement resources and is a burden for fraud victims.

Pellicciotti’s bill would allow fraud victims to freeze and unfreeze credit for free by simply certifying that a breach occurred, without having to contact law enforcement for a formal police report. Freezing credit prohibits consumer reporting agencies from releasing a credit report or other information and can protect consumers from identity theft.

– Legislative News: Washington House Democrats