"Ray E. Corpuz, Jr. receives Washington state award"

“City Manager Ray E. Corpuz, Jr. received a 2001 Award for Excellence from the Washington City/County Management Association on Aug. 2.The award, presented at the WCCMA’s statewide conference, recognizes an outstanding manager who has enhanced the effectiveness of local elected officials and consistently initiated creative and successful programs.The nomination cited Corpuz’ leader-ship in implementing a city-wide commit-ment to total quality management. As a result, the Public Works Depart-ment’s Building and Land Use Services (BLUS) developed several successful initiatives using Total Quality principles. BLUS initiatives include:-A money-back guarantee if building permits are not processed within eight weeks.-A two-week money back guarantee for new home construction permits.-And 24/7 access for customers who need information about zoning, plat maps, street improvement projects, building permits and more via the division’s GOVme (Government Made Easy) Web site, developed with Engineering. During the first eight months of 2000, BLUS processed $260 million of new construction permits.Corpuz joined the City of Tacoma as city manager in 1990. He has served as a high-level civil leader in Pierce County for nearly 30 years.The Washington City/County Management Association is a 260-member statewide professional organization for city and county managers and administrators.The organization gives annual awards in three major categories, including the Award of Excellence, Award for Skill in Intergovernmental Cooperation, and Program Excellence Award for Innova-tions in Local Government Management.Corpuz received the Award of Excellence for jurisdictions with populations over 5,000. Award judges are the board of directors of the non-profit, independent Municipal Research & Services. The organization provides professional consultation, research and information services for Washington’s 279 cites and 39 counties. “