Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Reviews – Is It Legit for Dogs?

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are dog chews that freshen your pet’s breath.

By giving Fresh Breathies to your dog daily, you can avoid bad dog breath while supporting your pet’s health. The chews also support gut health, healthy inflammation, energy, fur quality, and more.

Keep reading to discover everything pet owners need to know about the new Pup Labs Fresh Breathies today in our review.

What Are Pup Labs Fresh Breathies?

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are breath freshening dog chews sold exclusively online through GetPupLabs.com.

Designed to freshen your dog’s breath while tasting great, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can also support a healthy gut, healthy gums, and healthy teeth – all while being made with delicious, all-natural flavors.

The Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are free of corn, wheat, and artificial ingredients. They’re designed for all dogs. The manufacturer recommends giving 1 chew per day to dogs under 50lbs and 2 chews per day to dogs over 50lbs.

Each jar of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is priced at around $49, with discounts available when ordering multiple jars.

According to Pup Labs, Fresh Breathies are the “top-selling dog chew of 2022.” The chews are helping dog owners around the world support gut health, energy, joint pain relief, and other effects from the inside out.

How Do Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Work?

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies work using a blend of high-quality, natural ingredients to freshen your dog’s breath from the inside out.

The ingredients in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can support your dog’s digestive health in multiple ways. Each chew features a blend of prebiotic fibers, for example, that fuel gut bacteria and support your dog’s gut microbiome.

Many dogs have bad breath not because of oral issues – but because of gut issues. If your dog’s gut is struggling to break down the food it eats, then your dog may develop a smelly breath.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies is also certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). The NASC monitors manufacturers to verify they’re using the best, highest quality ingredients for pets. It gives pet products an extra layer of reputability while helping pet owners relax knowing they’re safe for pets to take.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Benefits

According to Pup Labs, the Fresh Breathies can support all of the following benefits:

Better Breath: If your dog has bad breath, then the Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help. The chews contain natural ingredients to help restore “sweet puppy breath” by optimizing gut health and other aspects of health and wellness.

Less Flatulence: If your dog has smelly farts, then Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help. According to the manufacturer, the supplement can improve odors at both ends of your dog’s digestive tract.

Support Gut Health: Gut health is connected to health and wellness throughout your dog’s body. By supporting gut health, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help with breath, flatulence, and other aspects of health and wellness. According to Pup Labs, the ingredients in Fresh Breathies can promote stronger gut health and support the immune system, among other benefits.

Peace of Mind: Dog owners can rest easy knowing their dog is healthy. By giving your dog Fresh Breathies daily, you can support a range of benefits from the inside out. If your dog has poor gut health, for example, then it can impact nutrient absorption and other aspects of health and wellness. By supporting gut health, you may notice benefits throughout your dog’s body and health.

Energy: Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can purportedly help support energy in dogs. Many dogs have low energy because of poor gut health and nutrient absorption. By optimizing gut health, Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can give dogs of all ages more energy.

Shield Against Age-Related Health Decline: As dogs get older, they have a higher chance of developing illnesses and diseases. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can help using a blend of natural superfoods to support healthy aging. According to Pup Labs, the Fresh Breathies will protect against bad breath, watery stools, itching and scratching, and other symptoms that become more common as your dog gets older.

Support Joint Pain Relief: Dogs of all ages may experience joint discomfort. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help support join pain relief by targeting joint discomfort, making it easier for dogs to get around. If you’ve noticed your dog has become less mobile in recent years, then it could be linked to digestion and nutrient absorption. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can help.

Support Coat & Fur Quality: Poor nutrient absorption can wreak havoc on your appearance of your dog’s fur and coat. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can help by supporting nutrient absorption in your dog’s gut, making it easier for your dog to absorb fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients linked to coat and fur quality.

Digestive Regularity & Poop Quality: Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can purportedly help dogs with loose, mushy poops. If your dog has had loose poops in recent months, then the ingredients in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies could help in various ways.

Irritated & Itchy Skin: Does your dog scratch itself more often than usual? It may be a problem linked to itchy, irritated skin. Sometimes, the dog’s skin is dry, leading to itching and discomfort. In other cases, the dog has poor nutrient absorption, leading to unpleasant symptoms. Pup Labs Fresh Breathies may be able to help.

Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response: Inflammation is linked to disease and illness in both animals and humans. According to Pup Labs, Fresh Breathies can support a healthy inflammatory response. Typically, your dog’s body sends inflammatory compounds to sources of injury or infection, leading to pain and mobility issues. By taking Pup Labs Fresh Breathies daily, your dog can enjoy a healthy inflammatory response, leading to various benefits.

NASC Approved Facility: Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are made in an NASC-approved facility. The NASC verifies pet product manufacturers for their use of safe and effective manufacturing processes. Pup Labs also makes Fresh Breathies in an FDA-registered facility.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Ingredients

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are made with zero artificial ingredients. The manufacturer uses a blend of natural ingredients to freshen your dog’s breath while supporting gut health and other benefits.

The formula is free from processed ingredients, corn, wheat, and other harmful or cheap ingredients.

Each chew contains 5 all-natural ingredients to support inflammation, odor, digestion, and more. The five ingredients include:

White Button Mushroom Extract: Also known as champignon mushrooms, white mushrooms are the most popular cultivated mushrooms in the world today. They’re also the main ingredient in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies. Pup Labs describes the champignon mushroom as the “star ingredient” for its ability to promote a healthy gut microbiome, support a healthy inflammatory response, and support a healthy heart, among other benefits.

Yucca Extract: Pup Labs Fresh Breathies contain yucca schidigera extract to get rid of unpleasant dog smells. This natural ingredient, also known as Mojave yucca, can help with bad breath, bad body odor, and unpleasant fecal odors. It also improves mineral absorption in the gut, according to Pup Labs.

Spirulina: A popular green superfood, spirulina has antioxidant effects to support health and wellness in various ways. According to Pup Labs, the spirulina in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies supports healthy intestines and heart while boosting the immune system.

Parsley: Another popular green superfood ingredient, parsley is linked to strong bones and comfortable joints in pets. Each serving of Pup Labs Fresh Breathies contains parsley to support health and wellness in various ways.

Cinnamon: The cinnamon in Pup Labs Fresh Breathies can support cardiovascular and dental health in various ways. However, it’s also one of the best ingredients in the formula for freshening your dog’s breath. Just like many mouthwashes and gums use cinnamon, so too do Pup Labs Fresh Breathies.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Although dogs can’t leave reviews, dog owners have good things to say about Pup Labs Fresh Breathies online. Most dog owners report noticing a near-immediate difference in their dog’s energy and attitude, among other benefits.

Here are some of the reviews from dog owners on the Pup Labs Fresh Breathies website:

One dog owner claims her dog was barely eating anything, but she enjoyed eating Pup Labs Fresh Breathies; after a few days of taking the chews, she noticed her dog’s bad breath had improved, and she no longer worries about unpleasant smells when kissing her dog

Another customer claims the Pup Labs Fresh Breathies changed her dog’s breath “from putrid to bearable” within just 6 days; she also noticed no tummy problems

Other customers like the shape and size of the Pup Labs Fresh Breathies chews, claiming they look like bones and other dog treats, making it easy for the dog to eat them as they would eat any other dog treats

Pup Labs claims you should experience a noticeable improvement in breath and energy within 1 week of using the chews; after a few more weeks of use, you should notice benefits like a thicker and shinier coat, firmer poops, and less itching and scratching, among other effects

One customer claims her dog has had horrible breath for as long as she can remember; however, after taking just one Pup Labs Fresh Breathies chew daily, she no longer has that problem, and her breath is better than ever

Overall, customers agree the Pup Labs Fresh Breathies work as advertised to freshen breath, support gut health, and support other benefits in multiple types and breeds of dogs.

How to Use Pup Labs Fresh Breathies

Pup Labs recommends using Fresh Breathies in the following way:

Step 1) Give 1 to 2 soft chews to your dog daily. For dogs under 50lbs, give them 1 soft chew daily. For dogs over 50lbs, give them 2 soft chews daily. For larger dogs, give 1 soft chew for every 50lbs of body weight.

Step 2) Continue giving the soft chews to your dog over 30 days.

Step 3) Enjoy the newfound energy and health. According to Pup Labs, you should notice a difference in energy and odor after 1 week of using the chews. After a few more weeks, you should notice changes in mobility, joint pain, and other effects.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Pricing

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are priced at $29 to $49 per jar, depending on the number of jars you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Jar: $49 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Jars: $117 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Jars: $174 + Free US Shipping

Each jar includes 30 chews, or a 15 day to 30 day supply. You give 1 to 2 chews to your dog daily to support active benefits.

All prices include shipping to the United States.


Pup Labs Fresh Breathies Refund Policy

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are backed by a 180-day (6 month) moneyback guarantee.

If you and your dog do not love Pup Labs Fresh Breathies for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 180 days with no questions asked.

About Pup Labs

Pup Labs is a dog supplement company founded by Peter Tzemis.

The company was founded with a simple goal: to create products that help dogs run, jump, and play while creating long-lasting memories.

Each Pup Labs supplement is made with transparent ingredients with zero proprietary blends, fillers, or harmful ingredients. The company aims to create high-quality pet health supplements backed by scientific evidence. Whether your dog is 1 month old or 15 years old, you can find a Pup Labs supplement for you.

So far, Fresh Breathies are the first supplement launched by Pup Labs.

You can contact Pup Labs via the following:

  • Email: support@getpuplabs.com
  • Phone: 855-208-5890

According to the official Pup Labs website, the company does not want to make a quick dollar; instead, the company wants to earn long-term loyalty and repeat customers by delivering the best products on the market.

Pup Labs manufactures all supplements in an FDA-registered, NASC-approved facility. The company tests product batches randomly to ensure quality and purity.

Final Word

Pup Labs has launched a new health supplement for dogs called Fresh Breathies. Designed to support a range of benefits, Fresh Breathies can freshen your dog’s breath while supporting gut health, fur quality, joint pain relief, and more.

To learn more about Pup Labs Fresh Breathies and how they work, or to buy the Fresh Breathies online today, visit the official website at GetPupLabs.com.


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