Port welcomes 'green' shipping line

The Hatsu Sigma – the first of a new generation of “green” ships – made its first call at the Port of Tacoma yesterday.

Port of Tacoma officials joined officials of Evergreen Group and its Hatsu Marine Limited subsidiary to mark the arrival of the new S-type, 7,024-TEU (20-foot equivalent container unit) “green” mega ship – the second is a series of 10 Evergreen Group S-type vessels – designed with a host of environmental features designed to protect the oceans and harbors the ships call on throughout the world.

“With the introduction of vessels like the Hatsu Sigma, Evergreen is demonstrating its industry leadership,” said Port of Tacoma Commission President R. Ted Bottiger. “The environmentally friendly features and design of this vessel is very good news for the people and the environment of Puget Sound, and it will serve as an example for ships of the future. We applaud Evergreen’s leadership.”

According to Evergreen, features built into the Hatsu Sigma include:

— Double-skinned hull design;

— Fuel tanks located in areas to minimize the risk of oil pollution or fire as a result of grounding or collision;

— High-capacity oil-water separator that minimizes the oil content of waste water to be reduced to 15 parts per million;

— Large holding tanks enable vessels to avoid discharge in sensitive areas and maximize the amount of waste that can be held for disposal at specialized shore facilities;

— Enhanced holding tanks for “grey water” (waste and sewage);

— Main engines and generators incorporate low-NOx technology, enabling the vessel to operate on low-sulfur fuels;

— Advanced underwater hull coatings that have no detrimental affect on marine life; and

— The ability to shut down all shipboard generators while in port at terminals equipped with shore-based electricity.

With an overall length of 984 feet (300 meters) and a beam of 140.5feet (42.8 meters), Evergreen’s new S-type vessels can transport a capacity of 78,200 short tons at a service speed of 25.3 knots.