Port aims to cut emissions in half

The U.S. EPA presented the Port of Tacoma with a Certificate of Recognition “for environmental leadership in reducing diesel emissions and improving public health” on Thursday.

The recognition included a $75,000 grant to fund the retrofit of the Port’s straddle carrier fleet. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency will supplement this grant with $40,000.

Throughout the Puget Sound region, industry is working to reduce diesel emission particulate pollution. In this region, EPA and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency efforts are focused on the reduction of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).

The EPA grant and Clean Air Agency’s funding will fund the Port’s fleet of 30 straddle carriers with diesel oxidation catalysts. This, in combination with Tacoma Commission’s 2004 decision that requires the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel on Port-operated equipment when possible – will reduce straddle carrier particulate emissions by up to 50 percent.