Pierce Transit service reductions begin June 12

Pierce Transit is making adjustments to bus routes and schedules effective Sun., June 12. These changes reflect a 20 percent reduction from the February hours and are similar to the emergency reduced service levels that are necessary due to the fire at the natural gas fueling station. Riders should experience an improvement in peak-hour service and running times on many routes. The schedule has reinstated weekday running times and has added time on many trips; which should help improve on-time performance. These reductions, the first phase of a permanent system-wide downsizing of service, are due to the recession and the defeat of Proposition 1, which would have increased funding for Pierce Transit. For detailed information on route and schedule changes pick up The Bus Stops Here on board a Pierce Transit bus, at Bus Shop locations, visit the Pierce Transit Web site at http://www.piercetransit.org , or call Pierce Transit Customer Service at (253) 581-8000.

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