Pierce County transfers 8 parks to PenMet

Pierce County officials announced Tuesday they are transferring eight park properties in the Gig Harbor area to the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District. The transfer follows the path set by Pierce County Council in 2008 and 2009 when it declared the county’s interest in transferring parks and open spaces to local jurisdictions in appropriate circumstances. Executive Pat McCarthy’s administration negotiated the transfer with PenMet Parks, and the County Council voted 6-0 to approve it on Dec. 14.

Under the transfer agreement, Pierce County will allocate $166,000 a year for three years to PenMet Parks to help with maintenance and operations of the properties during a transition period. After the third year, PenMet Parks assumes all responsibility for the lands.

The properties to be transferred to Pen Met are Cushman Trail, located in the vicinity of 14th Avenue NW; Fox Island Fishing Pier on Ozette Drive; Hales Pass Recreation Area on Ray Nash Drive; Purdy C, located along Bujacich Road NW; Narrows Park, located on Lucille Parkway NW; Sunrise Beach/Doc Weathers Park, located on Sunrise Beach Drive NW; Boat-launching site at 13th Avenue and Lescht Drive NW; and Peninsula Recreation Area, located along Bujacich Road NW.

In a related move, the County Council also voted unanimously to approve the transfer of Delano Beach on the Key Peninsula to the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.