Pierce County: Road snow plowing, sanding costs $1.5 million

Pierce County officials announced today they spent nearly $1.5 million to keep roads clear of snow and ice during December. The Road Operations Division ramped up to 12-hour AM and PM shifts Dec. 12 and remained in a storm-response mode through Dec. 28, according to Road Operations Manager Bruce Wagner.

The cost breakdown shows $681,372 for materials, $488,907 for labor and $293,583 for equipment. The per citizen cost was $2.

A total of 22,256 lane miles were plowed with numerous road sections receiving multiple passes by the plow and sand trucks. Crews applied 4,217 tons of sand and 3,160 tons of salt.

Similarly, Wagner said post-storm flooding has been minimal and that fewer potholes developed following last week’s freeze than expected.