Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
3 p.m., Tuesday, July 9, 2002
Room 1045
930 Tacoma Avenue South
Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2002-78, directing the performance audit committee to engage the services of an independent consultant to conduct a performance review of Puget Sound Behavioral Health.
Proposal No. 2002-79, amending Ordinance No. 2001-104s, which expands the franchise boundary area of the city of Bonney Lake’s sanitary sewer franchise, by correcting the legal description.
Message from the Executive
A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinance, which was approved and signed on June 18, 2002:
Ordinance No. 2002-22s, implementing the Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Communities Plan: amending Title 18 of the Pierce County Code (PCC), “Pierce County Development Regulations – General Provisions”; amending Chapter 18A.25 “Zone Classifications and Use Tables,” Chapter 18A.35 “Development Standards,” and Chapter 18A.75 “Use Permits”; amending the Pierce County Zoning Atlas; adopting a new Chapter 18B.80, “Sign Design – Parkland-Spanaway-Midland”; adopting a new Chapter 18J.30, “Parkland-Spanaway-Midland Communities Plan Design Standards and Guidelines”; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.
Proposal No. R2002-78, recognizing and honoring Pierce County Fire District No. 14, Riverside Fire & Rescue, for 50 years of service in providing fire and medical aid services to the citizens of the community if Riverside, Washington.
Proposal No. 2001-59s2, amending Section 2.97.020 of the Pierce County Code, “Definitions” and Section 2.97.080, “Conservation Future Covenants” to limit the future use of properties purchased in the program and to clarify the passive nature of allowed improvements on property purchased with conservation futures funds; and amending Section 2.96.040 to modify membership of the Conservation Futures Program Citizens’ Advisory Board to provide a more balanced membership between incorporated and unincorporated areas.
Proposal No. 2002-61s, amending the Pierce County Code Sections 2.78.030 and 2.78.040, to authorize members of the Planning Commission to continue to serve pursuant to Section 2.78.030 in the event of a change of council district boundaries.
Proposal No. 2002-73, amending Chapter 2.54 of the Pierce County Code, “District Court Districting Plan,” to consolidate all Pierce County District courts into one Pierce County District Court; setting effective dates; and adopting findings of fact.
Proposal No. R2002-75, approving the annexation of real property (United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service) to the Crystal Mountain Sewer District; and adopting findings of fact.
Proposal No. R2002-81, calling for a special election on September 17, 2002, for the purpose of submitting to the affected voters the determination of whether or not the proposed City of Gateway shall be incorporated as a non-charter city code; describing the boundaries of the proposed City of Gateway; and providing a ballot title.
Proposal No. R2002-82, confirming the appointment of Bob San Soucie as the clerk of the Superior Court.