Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
3 p.m., Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Room 1045
930 Tacoma Ave.

Action on Ordinance
Proposal No. 2002-89, levying an assessment in 2002, for collection in 2003, against land in Pierce County for the control of noxious weeds.

Proposal No. 2002-97, granting a nonexclusive franchise to Alder Mutual Light Co., Inc., of Pierce County, for location of electric lines on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the County Executive to execute the franchise.

Proposal No. 2002-98, implementing the Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan and making technical corrections; amending Title 18 of the Pierce County Code, Pierce County Development Regulations – General Provisions; amending Title 18A Development Regulations – Zoning; amending Title 18B Development Regulations – signs; amending Title 18J Development Regulations – Design Standards and Guidelines; amending the Pierce County Zoning Atlas; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.
Proposal No. 2002-93, approving a land lease agreement for real property at the Pierce County Airport – Thun Field with Hangar, Inc.; and authorizing the County Executive to execute said lease.

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2002-109, adopting the “Pierce County Council Strategic Information Technology Plan”; and requiring an update on the plan every two years.

Proclamations, Appointments
Proposal No. R2002-108, proclaiming the day of Saturday, September 28, 2002, to be Nisqually Watershed Day in Pierce County, Washington.
Proposal No. R2002-107, confirming the appointment of one new member to the Frederickson Advisory Commission. (Donald J. Olsen)

Proposal No. R2002-110, confirming the appointment of three new members to the Aging and Long Term Care Advisory Board. (Karen Cunningham, Jonete W. Rehmke and Jamieson Van Eaton)

Proposal No. 2002-88, declaring certain county-owned and tax titled real property as surplus; and authorizing the County Executive to pursue disposal of the property by sale pursuant to Pierce County Code Chapter 2.110. (County-owned property located at 62nd Avenue East and 12th Street East, Fife, Washington; tax titled property located at 3214 South Ash Street, Tacoma, Washington)