Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
3 p.m., Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Room 1045
930 Tacoma Ave. S.

Action on Ordinances

Proposal No. 2002-121, vacating a portion of unimproved 174th Street East, located in the southwest quarter of Section 27, Township 19 North, Range 3 East, Willamette Meridian, in the Spanaway area.

Proposal No. 2002-122, declaring certain county-owned personal property to be surplus, and authorizing the sale thereof (Voting equipment)

Proposal No. 2002-123, amending Ordinance Nos. 98-104 and 99-71s which granted a non-exclusive telecommunications restricted franchise to the City of Tacoma’s Public Utilities Light Division, by extending the franchise area to include certain additional rights-of-way. (Click! Network)

Proposal No. 2002-124, amending Section 8.88.460 B. of the Pierce County Code, regarding watercraft regulations at Lake Tapps.

Other Items

Motion to certify the following Budget Certification, and instruct the Clerk of the Council to forward the Certification to the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer’s Office, pursuant to Revised Code of Washington 84.52.020:
– Bethel School District No. 403

Awards, Appointments to Boards

Washington State Department of Ecology Environmental Excellence Award: Presented to the Puyallup River Watershed Council, Chair Mayor Barbara Skinner, City of Sumner; and Vice Chari, Allen Zulauf. Presentation by DOE Regional Director Iloba Odum.

Proposal No. R2002-119, confirming the appointment of five new members, and the reappointment of two existing members, to the Chemical Dependency Advisory Board. (John K. Mitchell, Joseph Myrick, Patti Roadhouse, Daniel P. Vega, Elizabeth Wilson Williams, Dolores Behr, and Yvonee Barker)


Proposal No. 2002079s, amending Ordinance No. 2001-104s, which expands the franchise boundary are of the City of Bonney Lake’s sanitary sewer franchise, by correcting the legal description.

Proposal No. 2002-80, declaring county owned real property, located at 104th Street Southwest and 87th Avenue Southwest, in Lakewood, to be surplus and authorizing its sale, pursuant to Pierce County Code 2.110.
Proposal No. 2002-82, granting a supplemental franchise no. 1 to Spanaway Water Company, for location of water lines on certain county-owned rights-of-way.

Proposal No. 2002-83s, granting a nonexclusive franchise to the City of Gig Harbor, a municipal corporation, for location of water lines on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the County Executive to execute the franchise.

Proposal No. 2002-91, vacating a portion of unimproved 50th Avenue East located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 18 North, Range 3 East, Willamette Meridian, in the Frederickson area.

Proposal No. 2002-92, amending Chapter 8.92 of the Pierce County Code, “Disposition of the Remains of Indigent Decedents,” allowing the Department of Human Services to establish uniform rates for services.

Proposal No. 2002-99s, approving the spending plan for the Parks and Recreation portion of the second real estate excise tax fund.

This is an incomplete agenda of the October 29, 2002 Pierce County Council. The Index prints as much as space allows.