Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
3 p.m. Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Room 1045
County-City Building
930 Tacoma Ave. South

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2003-78, levying an assessment in 2003, for collection in 2004, against land in Pierce County for the control of noxious weeds.

Proposal No. 2003-96, amending Chapter 1.28 of the Pierce County Code, “Rules of Procedure – Pierce County Council” by adopting clarifying and technical changes.

Proposal No. 2003-97, levying a system of special assessments for the Pierce Conservation District of $5.00 per parcel on all benefitting properties in those portions of the Pierce County Conservation District located in unincorporated Pierce County and the municipalities of Fircrest, Lakewood, Milton, Puyallup, Steilacoom, Sumner, Tacoma and University Place, for collection in 2004 through 2006, pursuant to Revised Code of Washington 89.08.400; authorizing the executive to enter into an interlocal agreement with the conservation district; addressing the appointment of county representation on the conservation district’s oversight panel; and adopting findings of fact.

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2003-122, initiating the process for amending Title 18A, “Pierce County Development Regulations – Zoning” of the Pierce County code to address noise attenuating barriers; referring these amendments to the Planning Commission and Land Use Advisory Commissions; and setting a date for the Planning Commission to submit its report and recommendations to the council.

Proposal No. 2003-124, initiating a process for amending Title 18A of the Pierce County Code, “Pierce County Development Regulations – Zoning” to allow administrative and professional offices with a conditional use permit in the employment center zone in the South Hill Community Plan area; referring these amendments to the Planning Commission and South Hill Advisory Commission; and setting a date for the Planning Commission to submit its report and recommendation to the council.

Messages from the Executive
A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinance, which was approved and signed on September 8, 2003:

Ordinance No. 2003-80s2, calling for an election on November 4, 2003, for the purpose of submitting to county voters the determination of whether or not to impose a county-wide local sales and use tax to fund at least 100 new city and county commissioned law enforcement officers and to make needed improvements to the public safety and criminal justice systems, pursuant to Second Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (SESSB) 5659, Chapter 24, Laws of Washington, 2003.

A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinances, which were approved and signed on September 9, 2003:

Ordinance NO. 2003-70s, permanently closing Clay City Road East from the intersection of Sigmond Road East to all classes of vehicles except weekdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Eatonville area)

Ordinance No. 2003-76, approving the acquisition of the land and facility located at 2501 South 35th Street, Tacoma, Washington; authorizing the Prosecuting Attorney to commence condemnation, if necessary; and appropriating $3,300,000 to fund this purchase by amending Ordinance No. 2002-112S, as amended, increasing the 2003 budget for miscellaneous current expense, the administration building fund, and the corporate express building fund.

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