Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
6 p.m., Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Naches Trail Elementary School
15305 Waller Road East
(Council District No. 3)

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2003-105, amending Section 13.13.085 of the Pierce County Code by establishing new rates and charges for the availability and furnishing of sanitary sewer service; and setting an effective date.

Proposal No. 2003-106, setting the 2004 ad volorem tax levies for Pierce County for levy in 2003 and collection in 2004.

Proposal No. 2003-108, amending Section 5.02.035 of the Pierce County Code by increasing the Pierce County Auditor’s fee charge for providing identification photographs.

Proposal No. 2003-109, amending Section 14.20.050 of the Pierce County Code, “Golf Course Fees,” by amending fee schedules; and establishing an effective date.

Proposal No. 2003-110, amending Chapter 14.20 of the Pierce County Code, “Parks and Recreation Service Fees,” by amending fee schedules, adding new fees for parks and recreation activities and facilities; and establishing an effective date for the new fees.

Proposal No. 2003-111, authorizing wage adjustments for non-represented employees; and amending the Pierce County Salary and Classification Plan.

Proposal No. 2003-112, repealing Ordinance No. 2001-90; and adopting a new fare schedule for the Pierce County Ferry System.

Proposal No. 2003-114, ratifying the collective bargaining agreement reached with warehouse, automotive, food, public employees, driver sales and special services, Teamsters, Local 117 General Unit; and amending the Pierce County Salary Classification Plan.

Proposal No. 2003-115, adopting a standard right of entry agreement form to be used by Pierce County.

Proposal No. 2003-116, granting a nonexclusive franchise to the City of Roy, a municipal corporation of the state of Washington, for location of water lines on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the county executive to execute said franchise.

Proposal No. 2003-117, amending Section 2.04.150 of the Pierce County Code by increasing the fees charged by the Pierce County Auditor for various reports, data and maps.

Proposal No. 2003-118, adopting the 2004-2009 Transportation Improvement Program and 2004-2017 Fourteen-Year Ferry Program, pursuant to Revised Code of Washington Sections 36.81.121, 36.81.122, 36.81.130 and 36.54.015, and Washington Administrative Code 136, Chapters 15 and 16; finding that each project contained in the plan is a public necessity; authorizing the prosecuting attorney to commence condemnation proceedings to acquire real property for only those capital improvement projects contained in the document for expenditure of funds in 2004; and adopting findings of fact. (Annual Road Program, Six-Year Road Program and the Fourteen-Year Ferry Program)

This is an incomplete agenda. The Index prints as much as space allows.
The Nov. 11 County Council meeting is cancelled due to the Veterans’ Day holiday. The Dec. 9, meeting will be held in Council District No. 2, at 6 p.m., at The Browns Point Improvement Club, 201 Ton-A-Wan-Da Avenue Northeast in Browns Point.