Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
6 p.m., Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Council Chambers
Gig Harbor Civic Center
3510 Grandview St, Gig Harbor
(Council District No. 7)

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2004-7s, changing the name of the Pierce County Personnel Department to Pierce County Human Resources Department; and amending Sections 2.06.010, 2.07.070, 3.04.010, 3.08.020, 3.08.090, 3.08.011, 3.08.120, 3.08.150, 3.12.070, 3.12.110, 3.14.020, 3.14,030, 3.15.030, 3.15.040, 3.16.010, 3.16.080, 3.16.100, 3.20.010, 3.24.010, 3.32.010, 3.40.030, 3.40.050, 3.44.101, 3.67.010, 3.67.020, 3.67.040, 3.67.090, 3.69.030, 3.69.050, 3.70.070, 3.70.080, 3.70.090, 3.70.100, 3.70.110, 3.72.050, 3.76.060 and 3.80.020 of the Pierce County Code.

Proposal No. 2004-12s, amending Chapter 19C.10 of the Pierce County Code, Procedures for Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, to modify the length of the timeline for Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycles; and adopting findings of fact.

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2004-42, declaring the intent to initiate a community plan for the Browns Point-Dash Point community, to be known as the Browns Point-Dash Point Community Plan; and requesting the County Executive to include funding for this community plan in the next annual budget.

Proposal No. R2004-49, confirming the appointment of one new member to the Pierce County Parks and Recreation Citizens’ Advisory Board. (Dan Sutich)

Proposal No. 2003-127s2, repealing Section 8.88.140 of the Pierce County Code (PCC), “Manner of Operation”; amending Section 8.88.170 PCC, “Reckless Operation”; and adopting a new Section 8.88.165 PCC, “Negligent Operation.”

Proposal No. 2003-128s, amending Section 8.88.360 of the Pierce County Code, “Personal Watercraft.”

Proposal No. 2003-134s2, amending Sections 8.88.040 and 8.88.250 and adopting new Sections 8.88.252 and 8.88.254 of the Pierce County Code, “Watercraft Regulations” to address impoundment of derelict or abandoned vessels.

Proposal No. R2004-17, calling for an election on __________ for the purposes of submitting to the affected voters the question of whether to for a metropolitan park district whose boundaries are coterminous with the boundaries of the Key Peninsula Park and Recreation District in unincorporated Pierce County, and on the election of the five initial Metropolitan Park commissioners; and requesting that the Prosecuting Attorney write and appropriate ballot title.

Other Business
Update on Domestic Violence Advocacy/Kiosk – Eileen O’Brien, Justice Services Manager

The May 18, 2004, Pierce County Council meeting will be held in Council District No. 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers, 6000 Main St. SW, Lakewood. This meeting will be in lieu of the regular 3 p.m. meeting.