Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council

3 p.m., Tuesday, March 19, 2002

930 Tacoma Ave. South

Room 1045


Action on Ordinances

Proposal No. 2002-9, amending Ordinance No. 2001-86s3, by adding a proviso for a fish stocking program to the Parks and Recreation Services Department budget.

Proposal No. 2002-27, ratifying the collective bargaining agreement reached with the Pierce County Deputy Sheriffs’ Independent Guild, Local No. 1889; and amending the Pierce County Salary Classification Plan.

Action on Resolutions

Proposal No. R2002-30, ratifying, as required by Pierce County Code 2.110.120, the sale of a portion of surplus county-owned real property, which is located at 1304 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, Washington. (A portion of the property is commonly known as the Pacific Block property.)

Proclamations, awards, appointments

Proposal No. R2002-27, declaring the day of March 1, 2002 as “Read Across America Day” in Pierce County, Washington.

For final consideration.

Proposal No. R2002-28, declaring March 2002 as American Red Cross Month in Pierce County, Washington.

For final consideration.

Proposal No. R2002-29, confirming the appointment of two new members to the Pierce County Personnel Board. (Lewis L. Ellsworth and Bernice Morehead)

For final consideration.

Proposal No. R2002-31, confirming the appointment of one new member, and the reappointment of one existing member, to the Mental Health Advisory Board. (Gail Fink and Anna Caldwell)

For final consideration.


Proposal No. 2001-110, vacating and unimproved alley way in the plat of Hyada Park, located in the Northeast Tacoma area in the Southwest Quarter of Section 16, Township 21 North, Range 3 East of the Willamette Meridian.

Proposal No. R2002-1, vacating a portion of 64th Street East, located in the Southwest Quarter of Section 20 and the Northwest Quarter of Section 29, Township 20 North, Range 5 East of the Willamette Meridian, in the Sumner area.

Proposal No. 2000-4s, granting a non-exclusive franchise to Puget Sound Energy, for location of gas pipelines on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the county executive to execute the franchise.

Proposal No. 2002-6, amending Section 2.64.040 of the Pierce County Code, “Jurisdiction and Authority,” adjusting the jurisdictional boundaries of the Frederickson Advisory Commission.


Proposal No. R2001-189s, authorizing the Pierce County Executive to enter into an interlocal agreement with the City of Bonney Lake, for the transfer of a portion of the county’s sanitary sewer system to the city.

Proposal No. R2002-12, initiating the process for amending Titles 18, 18A and 18E of the Pierce County Code Development Regulations; requesting the Planning and Land Services Department to develop proposed amendments to allow the siting of schools and other critical facilities in volcanic hazard areas when life safety issues can be adequately addressed; referring these amendments to the Planning Commission and Appropriate Land Use Advisory Commissions; and setting a date for the Planning Commission to submit its report and recommendation to the council.

This is an incomplete agenda of the Pierce County Council. The Index prints as much as space allows.