Pierce County Fair is Seeking Community and Business Support

“The Pierce County Fair Board relies on partners in the community to assist in the yearly creation and management of the Pierce County Fair. The fair offers a venue for county residents to showcase their talents, skills and products.The following list is of items that would make the operation and management of the Pierce County Fair easier and more efficient. Businesses, individuals or organizations able to donate any of the following should contact Fair Manager Betty Backstrom at 253-847-4754.The fair is seeking donors for:Two motorized carts, electric or gas, to transport special needs public and respond to safety issues.Telephone answering equipment, a multibox system to promote fair entertainment, directions, admission prices, with the ability to bypass to the main operator.Laminator and supplies.Cellular telephones, with airtime, to facilitate communications between fairground sites.Computer, with software, printer and monitor, to compile data, print letters, do desktop publishing.Grounds beautification items including fountains, beauty bark, flowers.Large display type tent for public displays.Shavings for bedding material for animal projects.Gravel to fill in rough areas of fairgrounds.Portable office space.Convertible style automobile for parade use during several community parades each summer.Corporate sponsorships for individual entertainment acts, exhibit areas, youth projects and more.Sponsor or producer of an agricultural display showcasing the impact of agriculture on the Pierce County economy.”