"Pierce County Council Agenda News for Tuesday, August 8, 2000"

“Pierce County Council Meeting 3:00 p.m., Tuesday August 8930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045TacomaAction on OrdinancesA proposed ordinance amending code regarding the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee to increase the number of members from 10 to 12; making all members voting members; and adjusting the term expirations dates is set for referral to the Rules Committee.Proposed ordinances vacating portions of Forest Canyon road and Sumner-Tapps Highway East right-of way in the Lake Tapps area and undeveloped J.W. Earle Road (78th Avenue Northwest) right-of-way in the Gig Harbor area are set for referral to the Public Works Committee.Action on ResolutionsA proposed resolution accepting the Sprinker Recreation Center Master Site Plan, Phase 1 Report; authorizing the County Executive to proceed with implementation of the action plan; and requesting the Executive present recommendations with the 2001 budget process to reduce General Fund subsidy to the Sprinker Recreation Center is set for referral to the Planning Committee.MessagesA message transmitting ordinances vacating portions of Dogwood Street and Cornell Road in the East Tacoma area; vacating a portion of Crescent Valley Cut-Off right-of-way in the Gig Harbor area; vacating a portion of Rhodes Lake Road right-of-way in the Bonney Lake area; and confirming the report of the director of the Department of Public Works & Utilities regarding demolition and removal of dangerous structures from the Del Rio Mobile Home Park and assessing the costs of demolition and removal against the property.Proclamations, Awards, and/or Appointments to Boards and CommissionsA resolution proclaiming August 10 through 13 as Days of Swine & Roses in recognition of the Pierce County Fair is set for final consideration.A resolution declaring August 8 as Curbside Recycling Celebration Day in Pierce County for final consideration.ResolutionsA resolution authorizing the Executive to execute an interlocal agreement amending the interlocal agreement, which created the Pierce County Regional Council, is set for final consideration.Other Business:Motion to acknowledge receipt of notice from Pierce Transit of its intent to change its bylaws.Report on Methamphetamine labs.Acknowledging Gerri Rainwater, Administrator/Clerks and Operations, on being selected president of the Washington State council and Commissioner Clerks Association.Note:The September 12 Council meeting will be held in Council District No. 6 at 7:00 p.m. at the Greater Lakes Mental Health Center, 9330 59th Avenue Southwest, Lakewood. This meeting will be held in lieu of the regular 3:00 p.m. meeting.”