"Pierce County Council Agenda News for Tuesday, August 1, 2000"

“Pierce County Council Meeting 3:00 p.m., Tuesday August 1930 Tacoma Avenue South, Room 1045TacomaAction on OrdinancesA proposed ordinance amending the vehicle license fee by creating an exemption from the $15.00 fee for persons who have a physical disability or who are 61-years of age and are low income, pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington is set for a Council hearing August 15.A proposed ordinance authorizing a $650,000 loan from the General Fund to the Paths and Trails Fund and increasing the 2000 budget for the Paths and Trails Fund by $650,000 for the purchase of an additional section of the trail – McMillin to Puyallup, is set for referral to the Rules Committee.A proposed ordinance to enter into an agreement for the purchase and sale of real property between Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company, the seller, and Pierce County, the purchaser, is set for referral to the Rules Committee.A proposed ordinance declaring the intention of Pierce County to embrace the certain railroad right-of-way corridor between Puyallup and McMillin for the purpose of a public highway for a non-motorized path and trail is set for referral to the Rules Committee.A proposed ordinance amending current use assessment administrative procedures to include a minimum size requirement for Open Space applications in the rural area is set for referral to the Planning Committee.A proposed ordinance amending the Pierce County Comprehensive Plan pursuant to the final decision and order issued by the Central Puget sound Growth Management Hearings Board in City of Tacoma vs. Pierce County, case number 93-3-0023c is set for a Council hearing August 22. Other ItemsA motion to grant authority to the Prosecuting Attorney and Risk Manager in the amount requested by them in executive session on July 25 for settlement of a pending court case #99-2-27469-5SEA.Proclamations, Awards, and/or Appointments to Boards and CommissionsA proclamation declaring the week of October 30 through November 3 as Youth Voting Awareness Week in Pierce County and encouraging the youth of the community to participate in the Voting is Cool program, is set for final consideration.A resolution confirming reappointment of an existing member, John Engel, to the Boating Advisory Commission is set for final consideration.OrdinancesAn ordinance approving transfer of a certain power franchise ownership from Tenaska Washington Partners II to Bonneville Power Administration to Frederickson Power, L.L.C. is set for final consideration.”