Olympia Design Firm Chooses Website Developer

“Ellis Paguirigan, principal of Ellis Paguirigan Designs, of Olympia, has appointed Daniel Springer to the newly created position of website developer.“Danny has a talent for combining leading-edge technical expertise in website development with a good working knowledge of design applications,” Paguirigan said. “His unique background allows us the flexibility to create both design-savvy and functionally superior sites.”Springer is reported to be fluent in Visual Basic, JavaScript, ASP, VB Script, SQL, Transaction Server, CGI, Perl Script, and Advanced HTML. Paguirigan said Springer has the ability to build websites with flexibility built in, serving current needs while allowing for possible future website requirements. He is also adept at website programming that allows tracking of user information through database and/or e-mail.Springer brings eight years of computer background to the Olympia design firm including four years of website engineering experience at Signature Media and Springer Design.”