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Numerologist is an online service that helps consumers learn about their personality and future using numbers. With over 2 million customers, this platform has many purchase options that give them the knowledge they need.

What is Numerologist?

People have sought answers from the universe since the beginning of time. They naturally want to learn more about themselves, what the future has in store, or what they should do about a problem they’re facing. These answers come in many forms, but one of the ways that repeatedly comes up is numerology or the study of numbers in an individual’s life.

While some people see numerology as a pseudoscience, others believe that it allows them to yearn about the world and anyone around them. With the Numerologist reading, consumers have an opportunity to see what numerology holds in store for them. More specifically, they’ll learn about four different changes that they need to make in their life to see definitive improvements. With a clear understanding of what these numbers mean, consumers can learn a multitude of details about the proper direction for themselves and how their personality plays a role.

Many people – about 2 million, to be exact – already have put their faith in Numerologist because their readings offer the most accurate insights of any of the platforms currently available. They strive to explain the energies users have to look out for each week, helping them avoid the potential bumps in the road. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, the creators only hire higher industry experts, which means that each person has already spent decades utilizing their gifts.

How to Learn the Answers Numerologist Offers

First, users start on the main page of the Numerologist website, which asks for their first name and date of birth. With this information, users will be taken to a brief audio analysis of the numbers that arise for them. This brief video includes the influence of numbers like their Life Path Number and Expression number.

The algorithm narrows down to a single digit as the digits are combined. The video of the user’s results continues, describing the characteristics of that particular number. To obtain the Soul Urge number, users must include their email address and marital state. They will have to pause in the middle of the reading to enter their full name at birth and gender to get the free Expression reading.

The content provided to consumers for free gives them a taste of what they can get with the paid content. Users can get a free personalized reading whenever they sign up for the Growth Portal, which is exclusive to subscribers.

Purchasing Access to a Numerologist Personalized Reading

Ordinarily, consumers would have to pay $29.99 for all of the content provided by the Numerologist. However, the website currently has a discount that lowers the price to $7.00 per report. It is delivered as a PDF file to users, and they have up to 1 year to request a refund if their content doesn’t offer what the user hopes for.

Becoming a member of the Numerologist’s services gives consumers access to numerology reports in a unique way. While the report is initially free, users can delve deeper with the Personalized Numerology Reading for $7 or by connecting with one of the psychics. The first 3 minutes of a new session are free. The key to reaping the benefits is getting involved in the community, giving them access to daily deals, invitations, and cosmic news that the average customer isn’t offered to them.

Other Products from Numerologist

Though the creators at Numerologist lead with the Personality Decoder reading, that is hardly the only option consumers have. With the Daily Numeroscope, users get access to their lucky color, ruling planet, daily number, angel message, and a crystal reading for $27 each month. Users can pay the same monthly price to access the Monthly Astrology Forecast. This personalized report uses the customer’s birth chart to determine planetary influences and transits that can evaluate any changes they need to make in their routine.

Then, there’s the Deluxe Numerology Report, which provides over 60 pages of detailed readings specific to the user’s name and date of birth. This report is available for $77. The Cosmic Collection is available for the same price, offering a personalized astrology report with three additional reports for nothing extra.

In the Annual Numerology Forecast, users get over 50 pages of predictions of what the next year will bring based on the numerological evaluation. This report is available for $39.99.

The most significant package offered by a Numerologist is Manifesting with Numbers. This collection starts with 16 videos, including audio mp3s, transcripts, and more. There are also activation rituals and four bonuses that aren’t offered on other pages.

By far, the most comprehensive report is the 2022 Prosperity Planner. Even though the year is already half over, there is still plenty of support that users can get from the 198-page report. Plus, like the Manifesting with Numbers package, users will get access to four bonus reports that are exclusive to this report.

Contact Information

If the user wants to cancel a trial or get their money back, they will need to get their receipt number and reach out to the customer service team by phone or by sending an email to:

  • support@numberlogist.com.
  • 702-714-1447


Numerologists uniquely offer answers, guiding consumers with their names and birth dates to determine their place in the universe. There are reports for almost any answer, though customers can learn a lot by just starting with the free report. More detailed answers are available with one of the paid reports, and customers can subscribe for daily and monthly answers by visiting the official website.


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