Nudist wife should show tact, cover up in front of non-relatives

Dear Annie: I am 34 and my wife is 24. We’ve been married for two years and I am the happiest man alive.
She is everything you could ask for in a wife and lover, except for one thing.
My wife is a nudist.
We have a rather private backyard and a pool, so she just hops in the pool in the buff with never a concern that someone might see her.
I had only met her family on two occasions before we wed, but when they came to visit, they all went swimming in the nude (her father, mother and brother).
I was somewhat taken aback, but figured, “when in Rome.”
However, a UPS driver delivered a package the other day and my wife answered the door wearing panties and an open blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra and she has a fabulous figure.
When I said this was a little inappropriate, her answer was, “He’s old enough to be my father.”
Last week, she called me at work and asked if I could come home early as she wanted me to meet her brother’s best friend.
When I got home, they were all swimming in the nude.
When my wife got out of the pool, I can tell you that her brother’s friend was not looking at her like a sister.
I don’t think she is promiscuous, but how can she treat her body so trivially?
She has an advanced degree, a wonderful job and is very religious. Am I just an old fogey? — Bradenton, Fla.
Dear Bradenton: Not at all.
Your wife may be a nudist, but she is also an exhibitionist.
She enjoys going without clothes and likes others to see her that way.
Insist, as a sign of respect for you, that she cover up when non-relatives are present, especially when she answers the door, for heaven’s sake.
She could get into serious trouble doing that, no matter how old the deliveryman is.
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