Ombudsman notified about Plan A

A group of Abbotsford residents who have criticized elements of Plan A have sent a series of complaints to B.C.’s ombudsman.
Regina Dalton, one of those who has filed documentation, said she has been joined in taking the steps by Laurie Hoekstra, Vince Dimanno, Gerda Peachey and Mary Helen Hatch.
Dalton said all the complaints have been filed separately and focus on different elements of the Plan A process.
While some are critical of advertising costs, Dalton said her complaint questions why the city was allowed to spend $8 million on land beside UCFV – without taxpayer consent – to house a new $55 million sports and entertainment complex.
The approval of Plan A, during a November referendum, gave the city permission to build the arena, a $20 million expansion to the Abbotsford Recreation Centre and a $10 million museum/arts facility beside city hall.
A number of the complaints, according to Dalton, question the city’s financial accountability.
And while she said “we can’t do anything about the referendum,” she hoped the ombudsman’s findings will change a number of the city’s future election policies.
Carlene Thistle-Walker, a spokeswoman for the ombudsman, said the office can not comment on specific cases for reasons of confidentiality.
She would not divulge the status of any of the complaints, or when findings will likely be released.