NuDew Reviewed (Nu Image Medical) Minoxidil, Ketoconazole, Finasteride Restores Hair Growth?

NuDew is a medically-supervised hair loss solution designed to boost hair growth.

Available online through NuImageMedical.com, NuDew consists of three powerful ingredients, including topical minoxidil, ketoconazole, and finasteride.

Does NuDew work? Does the hair loss solution live up to the hype? Keep reading our review to find out everything you need to know about NuDew today.

What is NuDew?

NuDew is a hair loss solution marketed to people with hair loss, thinning hair, and other hair growth issues.

Featuring a combination of three popular hair loss ingredients, NuDew is a medically-supervised hair loss solution designed to restore hair growth quickly and easily.

NuDew is a prescription-strength formula. By visiting NuImageMedical.com, you can get an appointment with a digital physician who will determine if NuDew is the right choice for you. If you receive a prescription, you can get started with NuDew for as little as $59 per month. And, as part of a 2023 promotion, all NuDew purchases include a free digital appointment with a physician.

NuDew is made by Nu Image Medical, a Tampa, Florida-based company founded in 2008. The company specializes in telemedicine and sells a range of prescription-strength weight loss, hair loss, and sexual health products online.


NuDew Benefits

Nu Image Medical markets NuDew for all of the following benefits:

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Increase hair growth
  • Maintain healthy hair
  • Restore confidence in your appearance

Available as a 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 formula for cost-effective treatment

How Does NuDew Work?

NuDew contains three prescription-strength, FDA-approved ingredients for hair loss. You apply the solution to your hair daily to regrow hair, maximize hair follicle growth, and target thinning hair.

NuDew comes in a gel applicator bottle. Just apply the gel to your hair daily to help with hair growth.

The three active ingredients in NuDew include:

Topical Minoxidil: Minoxidil may stimulate hair regrowth and slow balding. Nu Image Medical describes minoxidil as “like fertilizer for your hair.” Many other hair loss solutions, including Rogaine, use minoxidil as their active ingredient.

Ketoconazole: Ketoconazole is known to treat fungal infections affecting your scalp. It can also help with stubborn dandruff and psoriasis, preparing your hair for maximum growth.

Finasteride: NuDew contains finasteride, which acts like a shield by blocking pesky hormones in your scalp responsible for hair loss.

The three active ingredients complement each other to enable hair regrowth, reduce inflammation in the scalp to hinder the hair growth cycle, and lower DHT levels to reduce hair loss in the first place. While other hair loss products contain one of these ingredients, NuDew contains all three. In fact, NuDew is the only 3-in-1 compounded hair growth product currently available on the market.

There are two versions of NuDew, including NuDew and NuDew Max. NuDew contains the three ingredients listed above, including minoxidil (5%), finasteride (0.1%), and ketoconazole (2%). NuDew Max contains the same three ingredients and concentrations but with a fourth ingredient called dutasteride (0.005%):

Dutasteride: Found in NuDew Max, dutasteride can help with the reduction of hair loss and regrow some lost hair. NuDew Max contains the same three ingredients as the original formula but with an extra dose of dutasteride.

What to Expect After Applying NuDew

  • NuDew and its active ingredients have been shown to stimulate hair growth in as little as 30 days.
  • However, Nu Image Medical recommends applying the gel daily for a minimum of 3 months to assess its effects.
  • Most men see significant hair growth within three months of applying NuDew, and you could continue to experience greater hair growth results by applying NuDew regularly over the following months.

What Does NuDew Do?

NuDew contains three active ingredients to stimulate hair growth in different ways. Instead of using a single ingredient (like minoxidil) for hair growth, NuDew targets hair growth using multiple ingredients with multiple effects.

NuDew contains a 5% concentration of minoxidil (Rogaine). Although researchers don’t fully understand how minoxidil works, it appears to work by targeting enzymes in your scalp. Specifically, a scalp enzyme called sulfotransferase converts the minoxidil into a salt called minoxidil sulfate, which shortens the resting phase of your hair. When you’re dealing with hair loss issues, your hair may spend too long in the resting phase, leading to noticeable baldness. Minoxidil can force your hair to enter the anagen (growth) stage more rapidly. Some evidence also suggests minoxidil thickens hair.

Finasteride, meanwhile, works in a different way. It’s a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which means it blocks the action of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. That enzyme changes testosterone to another hormone that causes the prostate to grow (and can cause hair loss in males). When you have elevated levels of 5-alpha reductase, you have a greater risk of hair loss. Finasteride can help by inhibiting this enzyme’s activity, helping with hair growth (and possibly prostate size).

The third active ingredient in NuDew is ketoconazole, which is used to treat fungal infections. This ingredient inhibits fungal activity on your scalp. It can also help with dandruff and dandruff-related symptoms – like flaking or itching. It can help prepare your scalp for greater hair growth, giving you a clean slate on which to regrow your hair.

Applying the three active ingredients in NuDew to your scalp daily could regrow hair, thicken hair, and optimize overall hair growth – even if you’re balding, dealing with thinning hair, or already have pattern baldness.

NuDew Versus NuDew Max

There are two versions of NuDew, including NuDew and NuDew Max. The two formulas have the same initial combination of three ingredients at identical concentrations. However, NuDew Max contains dutasteride, which works similarly to finasteride as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor.

Dutasteride can help with the reduction of hair loss and increase hair growth, among other benefits, while also maximizing your hair growth potential. If you want maximum strength hair growth effects, then NuDew Max may be the right choice.

NuDew Max is also more expensive than NuDew, priced at $79 per month instead of $59 per month.

Scientific Evidence for NuDew

NuDew contains science-backed ingredients shown to reduce hair loss and help with hair growth. Multiple studies have validated the use of finasteride and minoxidil, for example, which is why they’re the only two FDA-approved drugs for hair loss. We’ll review some of the scientific evidence behind NuDew and its active ingredients below.

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication for male pattern baldness. You can buy minoxidil solution and foam. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine. When applied to the scalp, minoxidil can stimulate hair growth in specific types of baldness. Initially developed to treat hypertension, minoxidil has been proven to regrow hair when used at 2% to 5% (NuDew contains 5% minoxidil). In a 2019 review, researchers acknowledged the methods of action for minoxidil were not fully understood, although multiple studies show minoxidil can promote hair growth.

Finasteride is part of a class of medications known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. It’s used to treat male pattern hair loss. Many doctors also prescribe finasteride to shrink an enlarged prostate and treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Finasteride, like minoxidil, is an FDA-approved medication. You can find finasteride under brand names like Proscar and Propecia. Multiple studies have validated the use of finasteride for hair loss. A 1998 study, for example, analyzed the effects of finasteride on a group of 1,553 men over a two-year period. Researchers found 1 mg of finasteride per day slowed the progression of hair loss and increased hair growth more than a placebo.

Ketoconazole is used to treat certain fungal infections. It’s part of a class of drugs called azole antifungals. Ketoconazole works by stopping the growth of fungus. Many people use a prescription ketoconazole shampoo to treat discolored patches of skin on the scalp. Others use ketoconazole over the counter to help with scalp flaking, scaling, and itching linked to dandruff. There’s also some evidence ketoconazole helps with hair loss – especially when combined with minoxidil. In a 2011 study, researchers found that combining ketoconazole and Rogaine (minoxidil) led to significant hair growth in as little as 30 days.

In fact, that same 2011 study appeared to use an identical formula to NuDew. Listed as NuH Hair in that study, the formula included a combination of Rogaine (minoxidil), Propecia (finasteride), and ketoconazole – the same three active ingredients in NuDew. Fifteen patients applied the formula to their hair over three months, and patients achieved significant hair growth after the three-month study period – with some patients experiencing results after just 30 days.

Meanwhile, dutasteride is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) symptoms. Like finasteride, it’s a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. There’s also some evidence dutasteride can help with hair growth – especially when combined with finasteride and other hair growth ingredients. A 2019 study, for example, found dutasteride was safe and effective for treating men with androgenetic alopecia when combined with finasteride.

Overall, NuDew contains ingredients proven to help with hair loss in multiple ways. By applying the gel to your hair daily, you can experience powerful results.

NuDew Pricing

NuDew is priced at $59 per month. You can buy NuDew online after completing a medical intake form and speaking with a licensed physician. A licensed physician will review your medical history and clinical information to determine if NuDew is the right fit for you.

There are two versions of NuDew, including NuDew and NuDew Max. NuDew Max contains dutasteride (0.005%) for added effectiveness.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering NuDew online today:

  • NuDew: $59 per month
  • NuDew Max: $79 per month

NuDew is exclusively available in three-month increments because it takes three months to see the results of NuDew. You can save money by buying a 3-month or 6-month supply upfront:

  • 3 Month Supply of NuDew: $53.10 per month
  • 3 Month Supply of NuDew Max: $47.20 per month
  • 3 Month Supply of NuDew Max: $71.70 per month
  • 6 Month Supply of NuDew Max: $63.20 per month

As part of a 2023 promotion, Nu Image Medical includes free telemedicine consultations with a doctor with all purchases. There is no extra charge for the virtual visit with Nu Image Medical’s licensed physician.

About Nu Image Medical

Nu Image Medical is a Tampa, Florida-based company founded in 2008. The company offers a range of online prescriptions, supplements, and services to address various health goals. Nu Image Medical’s products and services can help with weight loss, hormone replacement, sexual health, and general wellness.

In addition to NuDew, popular Nu Image Medical products include Screamer Gel Max, Mt. Everest, Sermorelin, WAYT-less, WAYT-tain, and B-12.

You can contact Nu Image Medical and the NuDew customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 888-520-3438
  • Online Form & Live Chat: https://nuimagemedical.com/contact
  • Mailing Address: 5401 W. Kennedy Blvd, Suite #100, Tampa, FL 33609

Final Word

NuDew is a prescription hair loss solution from Nu Image Medical. Designed to regrow hair using multiple active ingredients, NuDew has been proven to work in numerous studies.

By applying NuDew gel to your hair daily, you can take advantage of an innovative, medically-supervised hair loss solution that could boost hair growth within as little as 30 days (most men see significant growth after three months).

To learn more about NuDew or to schedule a free virtual consultation online today, visit the official website at NuImageMedical.com.


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