NOTICE OF ACTION TAKEN Demolition Permits, Tacoma LNG Project Notice

NOTICE OF ACTION TAKEN Demolition Permits, Tacoma LNG Project Notice is hereby given under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), RCW 43.21C.080, that the City of Tacoma Department of Planning and Development Services took the action described below on November 18, 2015. Any action to set aside,enjoin, review, or otherwise challenge such action on the grounds of noncompliance with the provisions of Ch. 43.21C RCW shall be commenced on or before December 21, 2015. Description of agency action: Tacoma DPD on November 18, 2015 administratively authorized demolition activities under Tacoma Demolition Permit Numbers 40000252270, 4-252271, 4-252272, 4-252273, 4-252274, 4-252275 & 4-252276 for demolition of buildings located on upland portions of the Tacoma LNG facility site. Tacoma LNG and Tote marine vessel fueling LNG system on property zoned “S-10” Shoreline District – Port Industrial and “S-13” Shoreline District – Marine Waters of the State, and is located on the Blair- Hylebos Peninsula in the Tacoma Tideflats. The City of Tacoma has fully complied with the SEPA rules regarding notification and SEPA documentation for this proposal as required under WAC 197-11 and RCW 43.21C.080. Description of Proposal: Puget Sound Energy intends to develop a natural gas liquefaction and storage facility in the City of Tacoma on a 33-acre site on the Blair Hylebos Peninsula in the Port of Tacoma in an area designated for redevelopment. The facility would chill approximately 250,000 gallons of natural gas into liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) daily for use as a reduced-emissions fuel for marine vessels and land-based vehicles, as well as for utility peak shaving during periods of high demand. A single 8-million gallon, non-pressurized full-containment LNG storage tank consisting of an inner nickel-steel tank and an outer concrete tank with interstitial insulation, would be located on the site. The facility would include infrastructure for loading marine vessels and/or bunker barges with LNG. An existing pier on the Hylebos waterway will be replaced and a new fueling platform and mooring dolphins will be installed on the Blair waterway. The facility will be built to the nation’s most current safety standards for this type of facility. The liquefaction facility would receive natural gas from PSE’s existing natural gas pipeline distribution system. Two new segments would be added to the distribution system to serve the facility – an approximately 1-mile distribution pipeline in unincorporated Pierce County that will connect two existing distribution lines, and an approximately 4-mile distribution pipeline that will extend from the City of Fife into Tacoma to reach the liquefaction facility. The proposed distribution system improvements would include one new limit station and modifications to one existing gate station, both of which would be located in unincorporated Pierce County. Location: 901 and 1001 Alexander Avenue East; 3533 E. 11th Street, Tacoma WA 98421. Type of environmental review under SEPA: The City of Tacoma issued a draft Environemtnal Impact Statement on July 7, 2015, which was open for public comment through August 6, 2015 and for which the City accepted and incorporated into the FEIS late comments received through August 14, 2015. A Final Environemtnal Impact Statement on October 26, 2015, which was reissued and published on November 9, 2015. The scope of the EIS included all elements of the built and natural environment designated under RCW 43.21C and WAC 197-11 and additional included an area of emphasis to include Environmental Health and Safety (“EH&S”). The scope of the EIS additionally included assessment of Emergency Response/Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ER/ITS”) resources and constraints in the area of the facility within the Tacoma Tideflats. Entity Issuing Notice: City of Tacoma, Department of Community Planning and Development, 747 Market Street, Room 345, Tacoma WA 98407-3701. Documents may be examined: Project documentation is available for review during regular business hours at the City of Tacoma Department of Planning and Development Services, 747 Market Street, Room 345, Tacoma WA 98407-3701. Shirley Schultz is the City of Tacoma DPD’s Principal Planner for the Tacoma LNG proposal and may be contacted at (253) 591-5121. Notice filed by: Shirley Schultz, Tacoma PDS Principal Planner Date: November 19, 2015 IDX-669725 Tacoma Daily Index Publish: November 19, 23, and 30, 2015