Nick Hodge (Digest Publishing) Get Rich With Gold? Royalty Precious Metals Investor: Junior Resource Monthly

Tech stocks continue to plummet and this according to precious metals investor and co-founder of Digest Publishing, Nick Hodge isn’t startling. He insists that it was bound to happen at some point, seeing how this industry hit high after high for the past two years. During this time, he too claims to have secured gains, but the main difference is that he didn’t resort to tech stocks. Instead, he grew his initial investment by 3.5 times, most of which stemmed from trading single gold stock, consequently making thousands in a week. Imagine waking up to an account of $30,000 to $106,000 in just two years like Nick did?

All things considered, Nick sees a bright future where gold prices would eventually reach a hefty $13,500 and this is just the beginning of a long ride. Together with his business partner, Gerardo Del Real, Nick wants to help others grow their wealth as well. Before going Gerardo’s top stock pick, we must first introduce Junior Resource Monthly.

What is Junior Resource Monthly?

Junior Resource Monthly is a portfolio-based monthly newsletter edited by Gerardo Del Real. The overall service has been structured to offer buy and sell recommendations for long-term junior resource speculations. Most beneficial of all is the ability to learn from someone who’s process has been refined over the course of decades through professional investing, speculating, and trading mining stocks.

What does a membership to Junior Resource Monthly entail?

By becoming a member today, individuals will gain access to a special report. In it, the duo will reveal a little-known sector of the gold market that supposedly outperforms all else. Here’s are some hints provided by Gerardo:

Special Report. The Royalty of Gold: Earn 10X Your Money on the Roaring Gold Bull

From the looks of it, the opportunity does not pertain to gold coins, bullions, or bars. To capture the supposed upside in gold, the duo plans to recommend investing in a company whose stock price is in the $10 ranges. This small company’s endeavors are immense because they involve one of the world’s biggest Canadian gold miners known for operating five mines with a market valuation of nearly $5 billion. What exactly will Gerardo reveal? His pick is none other than a gold royalty stock!

Gerardo is convinced by royalty stocks since they give investors a chance to own mineral rights, which is deemed a much safer way to benefit from the gold bull market. In fact, the unnamed company only recently started trading publicly and very few investors know of them. To add to the latter, their cash dividend payouts are superior to competition, permitting investors to make some bank along the way. Details on the full company profile, their balance sheets and quarterly earnings will be summarized in this report.

Although the knowledge obtained through said report is exciting on its own, all Junior Resource Monthly members are also entitled to:

12 monthly issues of Junior Resource Monthly, where Gerardo will unveil junior mining companies coupled with buy/sell/hold recommendations and a complete write up

The Junior Resource Monthly model portfolio, which captures everything from precious and base metal stocks to energy metal stocks

Immediate updates through flash alerts

Exclusive interviews released monthly

A database filled with analytical reports that delve into several sectors (i.e., rare earth, copper, lithium, etc.)

Free Daily Profit Cycle membership, where Nick and Gerardo will share their financial reflections via weekly editorials and podcasts

How much does it cost to join Junior Resource Monthly?

Normally, the yearly fee to join Junior Resource Monthly is $199, however, for new members, the entirety of this service can be accessed at $99 (promo code: ROYAL2). On top of that, the duo also protected the purchase by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If Gerardo’s recommendations fail to amount to the suggested gains, customer support can be contacted for a prompt refund. To inquire about the refund policy, contact by:

  • Phone: (512) 890 3830 (local) or 1 (844) 334 4700 (local)
  • Email: customerservice@digestpublishing.com.
  • Mail: Digest Publishing, 2051 Gattis School Rd, Ste. 540 PMB 214, Round Rack, TX 78664

About Digest Publishing

Digest Publishing is an investment research advisory that offers publications through which investors can access valuable information on market trends. In addition to Junior Resource Monthly, this publishing house also comprises the Junior Resource Trader, Junior Resource Insider, Foundational Profits, Family Office Advantage, Hodge Family Office, and Crypto Cycle services. As put by the team:

“Digest Publishing’s premium research subscriptions cover nearly every facet of the market – from conservative strategies using dividends and value to speculations in energy, commodities, and currencies.”

Now that we have a picture of Digest Publishing and their potential contribution towards wealth building (i.e., via stocks, bonds, options, and crypto spaces), let’s now focus on the co-founders and editors!

Meet Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real

Earlier we introduced Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real as the co-founders of Digest Publishing. Their rise to the top comes after decades of serving behind-the-scenes roles, hundreds of hours of research and advice and networking. To fully grasp Nick’s and Gerardo’s awareness, here’s everything there is to know on their career thus far:

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge has always had his sight set on the world of finance and investing. So much so, that he co-authored his first book, Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks at the age of 24. His 30th birthday marked his second publication called, Energy Investing for Dummies. He spent most of his time focusing on how to make money for not only himself, but also for his clients. How did he succeed? By getting his feet dirty in the early stages of numerous companies across different sectors. His no nonsense way of viewing and making money has generated him tons of followers globally, and his growth only appears to persist from here.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real spent the last decade of his career researching and advising some of the big fishes in the financial industry, leading him to be the co-founder and editor of Digital Publishing. His expertise and intuition on which sectors to invest in and which to shy away from, has made and saved his clients millions of dollars. This has earned him a reputation and name in the field like no other. To learn more about both experts, visit here!

Final Verdict

Ultimately, Nick and Gerardo both believe that the royalty sector is possibly the best and safest way to get rich on gold. This belief stems from the fact that once a royalty deal has been signed, the payer is obligated to pay regardless of the economy, gold market trends, or whether gold is mined. How can anyone overlook the involvement of one of the world’s largest gold miners? Individuals need to be mindful of the fact that risk is inevitable, whether it be crypto, tech or gold. Fortunately, having Gerardo as the main editor implies some control over the risk of losses, not to forget comprehensive analyses, insight from renowned investors and full access to special reports, and interviews to say the least. For more information on how to join Junior Resource Monthly, visit here! >>>



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