New Pierce County bike map is here

Just in time for summer, the updated version of the Pierce County Bike Map is here. This poster-sized map folds into a convenient pamphlet you can tuck into your pocket. It replaces the Pierce County Bike Map printed in May 2008.

New additions to the map include the Gig Harbor Cushman Trail (extension) and the Tacoma Water Ditch Trail. The new map also identifies points of interest, including local bike shops and many new parks.

Designated bike lanes are specified on the map, as well as steep, uphill grades you may encounter during your adventure. If you’re thinking about taking the sustainable route and bicycling to work, the map can help you plan your trip.

Other great features are lists of safety tips, laws, and helmet purchase locations. There is no state law requiring helmet use, however some cities and counties (including Pierce County) do require bicyclists to wear helmets.

“Bicycling is good for your health, your budget and the environment,” said Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy. “Get your new map, hop on your bike and discover Pierce County on two wheels.”

An online version of the bike map is available at . The link also contains a list of more than 100 locations where you can pick up the free, poster-sized, fold-up pamphlet.

The map was developed by the Transportation Planning and Programming division of Pierce County Public Works and Utilities.