"New Index Column – Cut to the Chase – Fridays in the IndexUnified Presence Needed for New Tacoma High-Tech Community, not Mixed Messages"

“Cut to the Chase is the first weekly column that acts as a forum for local industry, high-tech firms, government officials, and the community at large to discuss and unify promotional efforts as Tacoma gains state and national media attention. Feature writings will contain reader viewpoints, tips, experiences, and opinions. Read about this sizzling topic and think it over. In next week’s column I’d like to present some of your comments as we cut to the chase. Consider Cut to the Chase as Tacoma’s high-tech media exposure Cliff Notes ™. Nationally, reporters are descending on Tacoma to cover high-tech led economic development. Every business and resident in Tacoma should care about this topic. It is one of the driving forces behind downtown Tacoma’s revitalization, increased property values, and decreased unemployment rate. As a community we need to utilize this national interest to promote Tacoma in a positive and unified manner. The media coverage of this 21st century western tech-rush will continue in Tacoma if we send the right messages individually and as a community. As the number of people contacting the media on behalf of Tacoma increases so does the risk of sending a mixed message. Conflicting statements may stigmatize an individual company or the community at large when messages are sent to the media without regard to an intended target audience or to the community’s public relations strategy. It is also necessary to make sure that everyone is an advocate of Tacoma. Through this column I would like to create a forum for all advocates to communicate freely. Awareness will propel the community’s publicity efforts. Last week Jill Maxwell, Inc. Magazine columnist, met with community and business leaders to research Tacoma for a feature article. I don’t think she will be the last national reporter to visit our fair city during the following months. A more unified community will produce a stronger message. Several individuals deserve recognition for initiating a unified message from different sectors of the community. Dennis Johnson, Tacoma-Pierce County Media Center Director, does an excellent job of presenting a strong message on behalf of Tacoma’s businesses. Mayor Ebersole creates communicative synergy between the education sector, the city, and the media with his involvement at Bates Technical College and KBTC. I also commend Paul Ellis for implementing a training session between tech-entrepreneurs and economic leaders. Lastly, I tip my hat to all persons behind the SST 2000 conference. All of these individuals are working to ensure and promote Tacoma’s continued economic prosperity. As a high-tech PR professional in Tacoma, I take seriously the image that is projected by the community. I look for the city, hi-tech industry, traditional businesses, and the community at large to create a unified front resulting in increasingly powerful media messages. Prosperity in the technology sector creates economic revitalization that is beneficial to every business and resident of the Puget Sound. Cut to the Chase will be a Tacoma Daily Index Friday feature. I encourage you to email your questions and comments to me at jchase@contractquest.com. Disclose your desire to remain nameless or to take advantage of this columnist’s status as a fellow high-tech PR representative. While I don’t encourage you to use this column for shameless self-promotion it is an incentive that comes with submitting your opinion and comments. In weeks to come I will cut to the chase on local hi-tech PR success stories, questions and answers, and community strategies. Jamie Chase is director of public relations for Nhanced Media, a Tacoma high-tech firm. Chase is involved with the promotion of Tacoma’s high-tech industry, and is on the steering committee for PBS affiliate KBTC.”