"Tacoma City Council Agenda News for Tuesday, June 13, 2000"

“Tacoma City CouncilStudy SessionNoon, Tuesday June 13, 2000Room 16, Municipal Bldg. N.728 St. Helens AvenueTacomaRegional Zoo FundingGovernment Relations Officer Randy Lewis will brief the Council on the new parks funding law and a proposed interlocal agreement between Tacoma, Pierce County and Metro Parks. State legislation passed this year paves the way for a September 19 ballot measure approving a tenth-of-a-percent sales tax increase to secure regional funding for Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and other regional parks.Estimates put revenue from the sales tax increase at $8.8 million annually. Half of that amount would be shared between Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium and Northwest Trek. The revenue distribution agreement between the three agencies for the remaining portion will come before the Council sometime later this month.Tacoma City CouncilCouncil Meeting5:00 p.m., Tuesday June 13Room 16, Municipal Bldg. N.728 St. Helens AvenueTacoma$2 Million for Foss CleanupTeam Tacoma has plans to invest almost $90 million in a retail, residential, and office project along the Thea Foss Waterway. Prior to development, the vacant land needs to be environmentally remediated.The Council will vote on loaning the Foss Waterway Development Authority $2 million to begin the clean up. FWDA would repay the loan after it sells the property to Team Tacoma, according to the proposed agreement.Human Service PrioritiesThree changes in the City’s human services role, proposed in the draft 2000 Human Services Strategic Plan, are:- Placing a higher priority on economic self-sufficiency and the needs of families;- More closely basing human service funding on outcomes; and- Strengthening basic needs systems – emergency shelter, transitional housing, food and clothing – within Tacoma.The Council will accept testimony on the plan, and will vote. The plan helps determine the way the City allocates funds for human services. Last year’s allocations topped $2.25 million.If passed by the Council, the priorities could lead to shifts in allocations to agencies receiving funding for 2001 – 2002.Environmental CommissionThe City’s volunteer Environmental Commission could drop four members and target focus areas. A report has recommended those changes and others for the commission. Changes include:- Reduce commission from 11 to seven;- Focus review on the Endangered Species Act, shorelines regulations, and the Critical Areas Ordinance;- Serve as advisor to the Planning Commission on land use matters in the areas listed above; and- Review targeted duties and responsibilities after two years.The Council plans to vote on the commission composition and duties June 20.”