My Two Cents: Lazy weekend? Not this time

I had one of those weekends this past Saturday and Sunday. You know, the kind where you actually get a lot of stuff done and feel pretty good about it.
Okay, so maybe you always get a lot of stuff done on the weekend, but that isn’t always true in my case.
Usually my weekends go something like this: I stay up way too late on Friday and Saturday night, reading or watching television or doing anything other than going to bed at a reasonable hour.
For a while there, I suspected I was part vampire, but now I think my nightowl tendencies are something I’ve inherited from my dad. Besides, I tan too well to be part vampire.
Because I’ve stayed up way too late, I tend to sleep in way too late on weekends. I am not, and I don’t think I ever will be, a morning person. As far as I’m concerned, mornings are meant for sleeping right through. Is there any better feeling than waking up early in the morning, realizing you don’t have to get up and go anywhere, and then slipping back into that oh-so-refreshing coma?
When I do drag myself out of bed at the crack of noon, I continue my leisurely pace for the rest of the day, thereby not accomplishing anything, or at least not nearly as much as I would have hoped.
But not this weekend. This weekend I managed to accomplish a lot, including, among other things:
– Taking photos of the Flying Elvi (plural of Elvis) early Saturday afternoon as they parachuted into the grand opening of the new Lakewood Towne Center. (See tomorrow’s paper.)
– Washing my car late Saturday afternoon. My fairly new car, which I’ve had since January, had not been washed in many months and was in danger of having someone write “Wash me” in the accumulated dust. I drove over to my brother and his wife’s house and we washed my car and his automobiles. I’m grateful I have a dark colored car, which makes the dust show up a lot less than, say, my brother’s white car.
– On Saturday night, I finally got around to doing the dishes that had piled up over the course of a week. My sink was resembling a science experiment, and life forms were beginning to evolve there, so I was happy to get that job done.
– On Sunday, I managed to clear out some junk from my storage shed, in preparation for the future job of organizing all the stuff I have in there.
I guess the one thing I didn’t do this weekend was come up with something to write about today, which is why you’re stuck reading about this lame topic. I’ll try and do better this weekend.