My Two Cents: It's time for another column o' questions

As I am prone to do every once in a while in this space, I present a list of questions – mostly political this time – that have popped into my head recently. Enjoy.

– Why is it okay to criticize President Bush’s military service record, but applying the same scrutiny to Sen. John Kerry’s military service record is gutter politics? (Could it be because the mainstream media leans left, and they want to see Kerry win the presidency?)

– Isn’t it amazing how Kerry has taken a positive – his military service in Vietnam – and turned it into a negative with his constant bragging about being a war hero and lying about many of the details?

– Does Kerry really believe that if he’s elected president, France, Germany and other countries will suddenly fall all over themselves to send large contingents of ground troops to Iraq?

– Doesn’t Kerry have great hair?

– Does anyone else find Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, weird and creepy?

– How many times do you think President Bush will mispronounce the word “nuclear” during his speech at the Republican National Convention?

– Aren’t all the disruptive protests planned for the Republican National Convention a wonderful example of the tolerance that we’re always being lectured about by the Left?

– Isn’t it curious that these protesters will blame President Bush and America first, but won’t come out as strongly against Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida, terrorism in general, etc.?

– Who else thinks these protesters would be the first people to blame President Bush for not acting pre-emptively against Iraq had Saddam Hussein used biological, chemical or nuclear weapons or sold them to terrorists?

– The politics aside, isn’t it scary that some of Iraq’s biological and chemical weapons remain unaccounted for?

– Who else thinks the contrast between vice presidential candidates – the Breck Girl (Sen. John Edwards) vs. Darth Vader (Vice President Dick Cheney) – will be very entertaining during their upcoming debates?

– Wasn’t it great to see the Iraqi soccer team do so well at the Olympics?

– Wasn’t it great to see the U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team – full of spoiled, overpaid NBA athletes who didn’t seem to care if they won or lost – not win the gold?

“My Two Cents” is a weekly column where the author – who enjoys asking questions – gets in his two cents worth, in spite of the old saying that you only get a penny for your thoughts.