Museum of Glass will host David Whyte

The Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art welcomes David Whyte, an internationally acclaimed poet, author, inspirational speaker and teacher, as a Visiting Artist Jan. 12 – 16. In the Hot Shop, Whyte will work with the Museum’s resident glassblowing team to create glass for the application of his poetry. Working with Seattle artist Walter Lieberman, Whyte will then use high fire enamel paints to write lines of poetry on these glass forms.

This hot shop residency marks Whyte’s second visit to the Museum as a featured guest. In January 2003, he and artist Mayme Kratz gave a joint presentation in conjunction with the exhibition The Visual Poetry of Mayme Kratz and Kratz’s hot shop residency. Whyte was inspired by the glass making process and agreed to return to the Museum to apply his poetic vision to the medium of glass.

In addition to his work in the Hot Shop, Whyte will conduct impromptu poetry readings in the Museum’s galleries, art studio and theater during his residency. He will also give a poetry reading on Sun., Jan. 16 at 2 p.m.