MIT45 Reviewed – Quality Kratom Brand Products Worth Buying?

MIT45 is a kratom company found online at MIT45.com.

MIT45 was founded to produce the world’s best kratom products. Today, the company sells GMP-compliant kratom extracts, capsules, and powders that meet the MIT45 Gold Seal of Approval, which is stricter than industry-standard requirements.

Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about MIT45 and the company’s lineup of kratom products today in our review.

What is MIT45?

MIT45 offers a range of kratom powders, extracts, capsules, liquids, and whole-leaf products.

MIT45 also offers wholesale kratom, free shipping over $50, a loyalty and points program, and other perks.


MIT45’s best selling kratom products include MIT45 Boost, MIT45 Super K, MIT45 Go, and MIT45 Gold.

The company separates its products into three categories:

  • Kratom Liquids
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Raw Leaf

Overall, MIT45 aims to produce the best kratom products available today. The company maintains an in-house certification system called the MIT45 Gold Seal of Approval, and all company products must meet this standard – which is stricter than current kratom industry regulations.

MIT45 Features & Benefits

You have plenty of kratom companies from which to choose. What makes MIT45 unique? Why pick MIT45 over competing companies?

Some of the perks of MIT45 include the following:

Lab Tested

All MIT45 products are lab tested by an accredited, third-party lab to verify purity and potency. MIT45 never offers products to customers if they don’t meet strict standards for safety and quality.


All MIT45 products are free of genetically modified ingredients.


MIT45 products are made without ingredients derived from animals.

AKA GMP Certified

MIT45 is certified by the American Kratom Association for meeting its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards as a Qualified Kratom Vendor.

Satisfaction Guarantee

MIT45 offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all MIT45 products. You can request a complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

Backed by Thousands of Reviews

Thousands of reviews back MIT45’s products from happy customers, and MIT45’s customers appear to have greater brand loyalty than usual in the kratom space.

Free Shipping for Over $50

Spend over $50 on the MIT45 online store to receive free shipping direct to any address in the United States. MIT45’s products arrive at your address within 3 to 5 days.

Loyalty Program

MIT45 has introduced a points-based loyalty program. You can sign up to become part of the MIT45 family, then earn exclusive rewards every time you shop.

Harvests the Best Botanicals Growing in Ideal Conditions

According to the MIT45 website, the company harvests “the very best botanicals grown in absolutely ideal conditions.” The company also uses proven methods to isolate the active ingredients in kratom, delivering kratom products with high concentrations (including 45% mitragynine content and up).

Kratom Blends & More

MIT45 offers kratom blends, combining kratom with other science-backed ingredients to achieve targeted results. MIT45 Boost, for example, combines concentrated kratom with caffeine to give you a surge of energy.

MIT45 Products

MIT45 separates its kratom products into three categories: liquid, capsules, and raw leaf. We’ll review each below:

MIT45 Kratom Liquid

MIT45 has designed its liquid kratom to be the best. The company offers liquid kratom at various strengths to accommodate different needs. Plus, MIT45 offers a Triple Purification Process to ensure the full spectrum extract delivers exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Popular products in the MIT45 liquid kratom space include MIT45 Boost, MIT45 Go, and MIT45 Gold.

MIT45 is particularly well-known for its MIT45 Gold liquid kratom formula. The product set the gold standard for liquid kratom in 2018 and continues to be among the most potent. Today, each 15mL bottle of MIT45 Gold contains 250mg of full spectrum kratom extract with 45% mitragynine content.

You can buy MIT45’s liquid kratom products as a single unit (a single mini bottle). Or, you can buy a 6-pack, 12-pack, 24-pack, or 36-pack of most products. The prices below reflect the single bottle price and the 36-pack price (on the high end).

Available MIT45 kratom liquid products include:

MIT45 Boost $6.97 to $213.28


MIT45 Boost is the classic recipe with a boost of caffeine. You get 125mg of mitragynine extract, described as “lightning in a bottle,” per serving. The liquid is also fully GMP-compliant for safety and purity, made with world-class quality kratom plant materials, and can help you enjoy sustained energy throughout the day. If you want to combine caffeine’s effects with kratom’s potency, then MIT45 Boost could be the right choice.

MIT45 Go $11.97 to $366.28


MIT45 Go provides 150mg of mitragynine extract per serving, balancing the kratom with honey, orange, and cinnamon. MIT45 Go is manufactured using state-of-the-art extraction methods for highly-concentrated kratom and is designed as an extra-strength kratom shot. It’s among MIT45’s most popular kratom products.

MIT45 Gold $21.97 to $672.28


MIT45 rose to prominence in the kratom community after launching MIT45 Gold in 2018. MIT45 Gold continues to be among the company’s most popular and best-rated kratom products. MIT45 Gold features 250mg of full-spectrum kratom extract with 45% mitragynine in each bottle. The company also uses world-class kratom plant materials and high-quality processing standards to create potent, fast-acting, effective kratom. According to MIT45.com, MIT45 Gold is the company’s #1 best-selling kratom product.

MIT45 Super K $14.97 to $458.08


MIT45 Super K is a 30mL kratom shot with 600mg of mitragynine extract, making it the perfect middle ground between MIT45 Gold and MIT45 Super K Extra. You can get a potent kratom dose made from high-quality plant sources. You get a long-lasting kratom experience in each bottle.

MIT45 Super K Extra $26.97 to $825.28


MIT45 Super K Extra is their most potent liquid kratom product. Featuring an impressive 1,300mg of mitragynine extract per bottle, MIT45 Super K Extra is the most concentrated liquid kratom extract product on the market overall. It’s designed exclusively for experienced kratom users.

MIT45 Kratom Capsules

MIT45 offers a lineup of high-potency kratom capsules. These capsules are potent, fast-acting, and long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum kratom extract with added ingredients for absorption.

You can buy many popular MIT45 products in liquid form and capsules. Whether you want to consume kratom as a liquid or a tablet, you have options with MIT45.

To increase the absorption of kratom and enhance its effects of kratom, MIT45 has added white pepper, turmeric, and ginger to each capsule. These ingredients can help your body absorb kratom more easily while maximizing its intended effects. Some tablets contain slippery elm bark, black pepper, and other complementary ingredients.

MIT45 offers four types of MIT45 kratom capsules, including:

MIT45 Gold Capsules


Available in a two-capsule ($21.97) package or a six-capsule ($39.97) package, MIT45 Gold Capsules offer stronger potency and greater consistency than competitors. Each 0.5g capsule contains 45% mitragynine extract balanced with slippery elm bark, ginger root, and black pepper. You get a strong dose of kratom combined with other ingredients for absorption and complementary effects.

MIT45 Red Vein Capsules


MIT45 Red Vein Capsules offer 0.5g of red vein kratom per capsule. Red vein kratom is the company’s bestselling strain. You can buy 125 pills for $25.97 or 250 tablets for $39.97 and enjoy all of the benefits of MIT45’s red vein kratom in convenient, capsulated form.

MIT45 Green Vein Capsules


MIT45’s Green Vein Capsules offer 0.5g of green vein kratom per capsule. Green vein kratom is the ideal middle ground between the red and white strains. You can buy 125 pills for $25.97 or 250 tablets for $39.97.

MIT45 White Vein Capsules

MIT45 White Vein Capsules, the least potent strain in convenient capsule form. White vein kratom is popular with new users. You get the convenience of capsules with the reliability of MIT45 kratom. Each tablet contains 0.5g of kratom. You can buy 125 pills for $25.97 or 250 capsules for $39.97.

MIT45 Kratom Raw Leaf

MIT45 also offers raw leaf kratom powder in white, green, or red veins. Some customers blend multiple colors and strains, while others take a specific strain for their desired potency.

White vein kratom powder tends to be the weakest, for example, while red is the strongest and green is a middle ground.

MIT45 offers three popular types of kratom powder, including:

MIT45 Red Vein Powder $25.97 to $39.97


MIT45 Red Vein Powder is the company’s best selling strain. Available in capsule and powder form, MIT45 Red Vein Powder comes in a 125g or 250g tub, allowing you to customize your dosage and consume the powder however you like. Red vein strains are more mature at harvest, which means they receive more exposure to sunlight as they grow. It’s known as the most potent significant strain of kratom.

MIT45 Green Vein Powder $25.97 to $39.97


MIT45 Green Vein Powder is a medium ground between red vein (the strongest) and white vein (the weakest) kratom. Green vein kratom powder is made from high-quality kratom plant materials – like other MIT45 products. You can buy a 125g or 250g tub of powdered formula.

MIT45 White Vein Powder $25.97 to $39.97


The weakest type of kratom is white vein kratom. Each MIT45 White Vein Powder serving is made from world-class kratom plant materials. You can buy it in tubs of 125g or 250g, with prices ranging from $25.97 to $39.97.

MIT45 Refund Policy

MIT45 offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on most products. If unsatisfied with your MIT45 product, you can request a complete refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Contact the MIT45 customer service team at support@mit45.com to initiate the refund process.

MIT45 Shipping Restrictions

Kratom is legal in most of the United States. However, based on regional restrictions, MIT45 will not ship to certain states, cities, or counties.

MIT45 will not ship to addresses in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Sarasota County (FL), Union County (NC), Denver (CO), or San Diego (CA), for example.

About MIT45

MIT45 is a kratom company offering some of the highest-quality liquids, powders, and capsules online today.

According to the company’s official website, MIT45 “is on a mission to inspire peace and magnificence in the world.” MIT45 aims to do that by creating innovative, exceptional products and sourcing high-quality materials.

MIT45 also emphasizes diversity, trust, and inclusivity.

You can contact MIT45 via the following:

  • Phone: 866-MIT-4555
  • Email: support@mit45.com

Final Word on MIT45

MIT45 offers a range of kratom liquids, capsules, and powders with different strengths and dosages. Found online at MIT45.com, MIT45 is known for popular products like MIT45 Gold.

Some MIT45 products combine kratom with other science-backed ingredients for absorption and complementary effects. Other MIT45 products contain full-spectrum kratom with lab-tested purity and 45% mitragynine content.

Visit the official website today to learn more about MIT45 and the company’s lineup of kratom products.

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