Mayor's Youth Advisory Board appoints officers

The youth of Tacoma now have a voice in city hall, since the Tacoma Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board ratified its constitution and by-laws and elected officers last week.
“I created the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board to represent the interests of young people within our community,” Baarsma said. “I value the voice of young people in the city.”
In creating the Youth Advisory Board, the student governments of all colleges in Tacoma were asked to send representatives.
In order to join, those interested obtained 50 signatures from people in the community between the ages of 14 and 35.
Following that, the by-laws and constitution were created.
Elected officers include: President, Joseph Hooks, vice president of legislation for Tacoma Community College; Vice President, Drew Coleman, vice president of finance for Tacoma Community College; Director of Finance, Brian Feller, director of finance for the University of Washington Tacoma; Director of Public Relations, Anthony Hogan, a student of Wisdom for Life School of Ministries; Director of Events, Polly Peshtaz, student body president at the University of Washington Tacoma.
Of of the board’s first projects will be a parade and reception for Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots star Lawyer Milloy, March 23, in the Lincoln District.
A number of community organizations will honor Milloy, a Lincoln High School graduate who played football at the University of Washington, for his contributions to the Tacoma community.
Those interested in becoming a member of the Youth Advisory Board should contact Anthony Hogan at 253/ 861-4920.