Man impersonating utility worker asks to enter Tacoma woman's house

A Tacoma woman reported Wednesday that a man identifying himself as a Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) employee tried to get into her South Tacoma house. According to TPU spokesperson Nora Doyle, the man said the utility was working in the area and that he needed to enter to check the water pressure. The man wore civilian clothing and a safety vest, and he carried a clipboard. The woman declined to let him in; he eventually left in an unmarked station wagon.

“The man was not a utility employee,” added Doyle.

Doyle recommends that if someone knocks at the door and claims to be a representative of TPU, individuals should ask to see the person’s identification badge. All utility employees have a badge with their photo and the utility logo on it. Utility workers in the field drive vehicles marked with a utility logo and wear clothing with a visible logo. The logo could be Tacoma Public Utilities, Tacoma Water or Tacoma Power.

“Utility employees rarely ask to enter a home,” said Doyle. “Typically, they’re checking a meter or connecting water or power service, which is done outside the home.”

If someone suspicious is at the door, call 911. If the person has left the area, call the Tacoma Police Department’s non-emergency line at (253) 798-4721.