LifeSafe StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher Reviewed

StaySafe is a 5-in-1 fire extinguisher made by LifeSafe Technologies.

Designed as the ultimate home protection tool, StaySafe protects you from unexpected fires while eliminating the guesswork from fire-related emergencies, giving you the best possible chance of fighting a fire successfully.

Does StaySafe live up to the hype? How does the StaySafe fire extinguisher work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about StaySafe today in our review.

What is StaySafe?

StaySafe is a fire extinguisher sold exclusively online through GetStaySafeFireExtinguisher.io.

Each StaySafe fire extinguisher is designed to target the 5 most common types of fires. You uncap the small bottle, spray it at a fire, and continue spraying until the fire goes out.

StaySafe uses a proprietary, non-toxic firefighting formula to eliminate the source of the fire, giving you the best possible chance of handling a fire at a moment’s notice while keeping calm in an emergency. Instead of messing with pins or quickly reading an instruction manual, you can quickly use StaySafe to extinguish a fire as easily as using a can of bug spray.

Each StaySafe fire extinguisher is priced at $29.99. The manufacturer has sold over $2 million worth of StaySafe fire extinguishers to date, and the extinguishers have been proven safe by a regulatory body.


StaySafe Benefits

StaySafe aims to be the ultimate home fire extinguisher for everyday use. Some of the most valuable benefits of StaySafe include:

  • Quick response nozzle easy for anyone to use with zero training
  • Uses proprietary, non-toxic formula to avoid leaving a toxic mess
  • Lightweight, portable, and compact
  • Eliminates any fire in seconds without worry, including the five common types of fires (organic material fires, flammable liquid fires, cooking oil fires, electrical fires, and flammable gas fires)
  • Protect your family from life-threatening fires without panicking in an emergency
  • Trusted by 280,000+ people to protect their home and family

How Does StaySafe Work?

StaySafe is a 5-in-1 fire extinguisher that comes in a compact, aerosol can. You point the can at the fire to eliminate five different types of hard-to-handle fire emergencies in seconds.

When you spot a fire, just uncap the StaySafe fire extinguisher, point it at the source of the fire, and press the button at the top. Instead of messing with pins or complex hoses, you can simply point, spray, and put out a fire to protect your property and family.

StaySafe targets the 5 most common types of fires that can occur in a household, including:

  1. Organic material fires (including paper and coal fires)
  2. Flammable liquid fires (including paint and petrol fires)
  3. Electrical fires (including everything from computer to TV to toaster fires)
  4. Cooking oil fires (like grease fires)
  5. Flammable gas fires

To fight these five types of fires, StaySafe uses a proprietary, non-toxic firefighting formula. That formula safely eliminates all of these fires at the source to give you peace of mind.

StaySafe Versus Traditional Fire Extinguishers

Ideally, everyone would have a massive fire extinguisher beside them at all times. However, that’s not realistic. Instead, StaySafe is designed to provide many advantages over traditional fire extinguishers, helping you fight fires at a cheaper cost.

Here are some of the differences between StaySafe and traditional fire extinguishers:

StaySafe is affordable. Priced at $29.99 per unit and under, StaySafe is cheaper than traditional fire extinguishers while still effectively eliminating most fires.

StaySafe is lightweight and compact. It’s easy to carry around with you wherever you go. You can leave one in your car, take it camping, and carry it with you wherever there’s a risk of a fire. It’s much lighter and more portable than a traditional fire extinguisher.

StaySafe puts out the same types of fires as a traditional fire extinguisher while using a proprietary, non-toxic firefighting formula. Instead of covering your home in toxic chemicals, you can safely eliminate the most common types of fires as quickly as you would with a traditional fire extinguisher.

StaySafe helps you avoid panicking in an emergency. Instead of fumbling with an unfamiliar pin and hose on a traditional fire extinguisher, you can simply take the cap off of StaySafe, press the button, and put out a fire.

You can use StaySafe with zero training or strength. You don’t need to lift a heavy fire extinguisher, nor do you need to practice using the device in advance. Kids, older adults, and people with mobility issues or disabilities can easily use StaySafe to put out all types of fires instantly.

For all of these reasons, StaySafe aims to be a superior fire extinguisher compared to traditional units available today.

StaySafe Features

StaySafe eliminates fires in seconds using a hassle-free, lightweight, portable design. Here are some of the key features of the StaySafe fire extinguisher:

5-in-1 Extinguishing Capabilities: StaySafe is a single fire extinguisher for five of the most common types of household fires. It can target the root cause of cooking oil and grease fires, electrical fires, flammable gas fires, flammable liquid fires, and organic material fires. By targeting and eliminating the source of these fires, StaySafe can give you maximum peace of mind.

Won’t Make a Mess: Traditional fire extinguishers can put out fires, but they can also create a huge, toxic mess. They leave behind powder or foam that can be difficult to clean up. StaySafe, on the other hand, is a clean, simple solution you can easily wipe away after it extinguishes the fire.

Quick Response Nozzle: If you can use a can of bug spray, then you can use StaySafe. The fire extinguisher has a quick response nozzle you can easily spray just by pressing a button at the top of the device. There’s no need to read complicated instructions or pull a safety pin prior to use. Instead, just pop off the cap and spray at the fire.

Usable by Anyone: Anyone can use StaySafe to put out a fire, including kids, older adults, and anyone who struggles to lift heavy weights. If an ordinary fire extinguisher is too cumbersome or unwieldy, then a StaySafe fire extinguisher could be a superior choice.

Non-Toxic Formula: Instead of using toxic substances to put out a fire, StaySafe uses a patented, proprietary, non-toxic fluid. This fluid tackles five common types of fires without leaving hazardous residue or waste to clean up.

Safe to Use on Electrical Components: Not all fire extinguishers are safe to use on electrical components. StaySafe, however, has been independently tested and certified to be non-conductive, which makes it safe to use on electrical components and electrical fires. It’s classed as di-electric up to 1000V, and it’s completely safe to use on electrical equipment up to 1,000V from a minimum distance of 1m.

Approved by BSI with UL-Recognized Components: StaySafe has received additional certification from regulatory bodies to verify it works as advertised to extinguish fires. BSI, the regulatory body responsible for fire extinguishing products, has tested StaySafe and verified it extinguishes the 5 most common types of household fires. StaySafe also contains UL-recognized components EX28800, BS EN3 tested and approved Fluid, FEA Part 1 and Part 2, and conforms to BS 5597, all of which are important regulatory standards giving StaySafe additional approval over competing extinguishers sold online today.

Use Anywhere: Some people buy multiple StaySafe fire extinguishers for their car, home, cabin, backyard barbecue, and other areas. Because it’s small, lightweight, and portable, you can easily keep fire extinguishers anywhere they’re needed.

Made from Lightweight, Recyclable Plastic: If you use an entire bottle of StaySafe, then you can recycle the bottle. It’s made from lightweight, recyclable plastic.

Eco-Safe: In addition to being made from lightweight, recyclable plastic, StaySafe uses fluid that’s safe for the environment. It’s an eco-friendly fire extinguisher.

Backed by 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee: If you’re unsatisfied with StaySafe for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked.

Safe Even in Hot Temperatures: StaySafe can tolerate a maximum temperature of 120 degrees. If placed in a vehicle out of direct sunlight, StaySafe should not be compromised unless you live in a particularly hot climate and it’s summer. However, StaySafe does not contain flammable gasses, and it’s safe for hot environments without exploding.

Eliminate Guesswork During an Emergency: When a fire starts at home, you may have seconds to act. You can’t waste valuable seconds reading an instruction manual or messing around with confusing, unfamiliar pins and fire extinguishers. StaySafe takes away this guesswork. Just uncap the bottle, point it at the fire, and continue spraying until the fire goes out. It’s easy enough for anyone to use with zero training or expertise required.

StaySafe Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

StaySafe has strong reviews online from customers, with most agreeing it works as advertised to rapidly extinguish fires while being easy to use.

Overall, StaySafe is backed by $2 million in sales and an average rating of 5 stars out of 5. Here are some of the thoughts shared by customers online:

Multiple customers appreciate the peace of mind StaySafe provides in all types of situations. You can bring it camping, for example, or in other situations where a traditional fire extinguisher wouldn’t be ideal.

Others describe StaySafe as “genius,” claiming they keep multiple StaySafe fire extinguishers around the house.

Customers have good things to say about StaySafe’s customer service team and overall delivery process, claiming it was delivered quickly and backed by strong communication.

Many users are surprised by how easy and effective StaySafe is. Although the extinguisher comes in a small bottle, it can effectively put out small and large fires while being easy for anyone to use.

One welder featured on the official website describes StaySafe as “a must-have high quality fire safety product.” It helps him keep his environment safe even while creating lots of sparks while welding. In his experience, StaySafe extinguishes fire “much faster than a traditional fire extinguisher with far less cleanup” while also being easy to use.

Multiple customers have left positive reviews for StaySafe after using the device to successfully put out a fire. One customer claims his house would have “burnt down” if he didn’t have the StaySafe fire extinguisher nearby.

How to Use StaySafe

StaySafe is designed to be easy for anyone to use. Just pop the cap, press the nozzle, and spray at the fire until it goes out.

Here’s how to use StaySafe:

  • Step 1) Remove cap and aim at fire.
  • Step 2) Press the nozzle.
  • Step 3) Spray until the fire is out.

Continue to spray the bottle of StaySafe at the fire until it goes out. For maximum fire protection, the manufacturer recommends spraying the full contents of the bottle onto the fire.

Once the fire is out, you can wipe away the non-toxic residue easily. While traditional fire extinguishers leave behind foam and other mess, StaySafe leaves behind a proprietary, mess-free, non-toxic formula for easy cleaning.

Once you have used StaySafe, you can use it again (assuming there is some liquid remaining). However, it’s always safer to have a full bottle for the next emergency – similar to the recommendations for traditional fire extinguishers.

StaySafe Pricing

StaySafe is priced at $29.99 per unit, with discounts available when buying multiple units.


Here’s how pricing works when ordering multiple StaySafe fire extinguishers online today:

  • 1 x StaySafe Fire Extinguisher: $29.99 + Shipping
  • 3 x StaySafe Fire Extinguishers: $69.98 + Shipping
  • 5 x StaySafe Fire Extinguishers: $104.97 + Shipping

Every StaySafe bottle has a 3-year expiration date. Replace the bottle after expiration.

StaySafe Refund Policy

StaySafe is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days of receiving the product if you’re unhappy for any reason.

You must pack the extinguisher in its original packaging, and the extinguisher must be in re-sellable condition to be eligible for returns.

About StaySafe

StaySafe is made by a UK-based company named LifeSafe Technologies. That company has sold over $2 million worth of fire extinguishers to date.

LifeSafe currently sells two flagship products, including the StaySafe 5-in-1 Fire Extinguisher and the PanSafe Fire Extinguisher.

GetStaySafeFireExtinguisher.io is an official online retailer for StaySafe. The website is operated by GiddyUp, an ecommerce brand partnering with inventors to sell innovative products online. Buying StaySafe through GetStaySafeFireExtinguisher.io is the best way to support the original inventors.

You can contact the StaySafe customer service team via the following:

Email: staysafefireextinguisher@giddyup-support.com

Mailing Address: LifeSafe, Unit 47 Hillgrove Business Park, Nazeing Road, Nazeing, Essex EN9 2HB, United Kingdom

LifeSafe’s StaySafe fire extinguisher has been approved by BSI, which is the regulatory body responsible for fire extinguishing products. BSI has verified StaySafe will extinguish the 5 most common types of fires.

StaySafe also contains BS EN3 tested and approved fluid, FEA Part 1 and Part 2. Plus, the fire extinguisher conforms to BS 5597 and contains UL-recognized component EX28800, giving the product additional consumer protection over other fire extinguishers sold online today.

Final Word

StaySafe is a 5-in-1 fire extinguisher that uses a non-toxic, proprietary formula to extinguish the 5 most common types of household fires.

Designed to be portable and easy to use, StaySafe features a nozzle that anyone can use to fight fires in and around the home. Just press the nozzle and point StaySafe at electrical, textile, paper/card, cooking oil, and petrol/diesel/gas fires to quickly extinguish the fire.

To learn more about StaySafe or to buy the fire extinguisher online today, visit the official website at GetStaySafeFireExtinguisher.io.


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