Joshua W. Turner's debut EP album BE OK releases August 30th

Catchy hooks, heartfelt lyrics and colorful diverse imagery within his songs makes Joshua W. Turner’s debut EP album BE OK an enticing story of love, hope and the longing desire to get up and change.

BE OK is a collection of songs geared towards the “man with his guitar” singer/songwriter genre, with rock, country and electronic genres tastefully woven in.

Image courtesy Joshua W. Turner Music
Image courtesy Joshua W. Turner Music

Joshua W. Turner is an indie Singer/Songwriter and producer based out of Tacoma, WA. His music is solid mix between Ed Sheeran, Phil Phillips and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Writing, recording and performing music for over 13 years, Joshua has had the honor of being involved in many aspects of the music business. Most notably Joshua has performed live at SXSW in Austin Texas, The Viper Room in Los Angeles and The Hard Rock Cafe within various bands. Joshua has also performed on and produced over 6 albums that range from Hard Rock to Singer/Songwriter to Children’s Music. Joshua is an alumnus from both Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied voice and was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, and Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, where he studied guitar.

Joshua has now ventured into writing songs for TV, film and commercial ads for the past year and has geared his songwriting on BE OK towards sync licensing. Joshua is a one stop shop songwriter and producer who owns all rights to his songs for easy to clear sync placements.

Key Selling Points:

• A one stop shop for sync licensing.

• Colorful and diverse songwriting.

• Joshua W. Turner owns all writing, publishing and master recordings to his songs for easy to clear sync placements.

Distributed By: Joshua W. Turner Music, Tacoma, WA 98405 Phone: 360-340-3766,

Release Date 08/30/18

– Joshua W. Turner Music

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