Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Biden Bucks Review

Jim Rickards and the Strategic Intelligence team have launched a new marketing campaign featuring “Biden Bucks”.

In a video and text presentation, Jim Rickards describes how Joe Biden is planning to introduce trackable money into the United States, putting your freedom and life savings at risk.

Should you subscribe to Strategic Intelligence today? What will you learn in Strategic Intelligence? What are Biden bucks and why is Joe Biden trying to track your money? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence and Biden Bucks today in our review.

What is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence?

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is a monthly financial newsletter published by Paradigm Press.

Led by Jim Rickards, the newsletter aims to help investors prepare and profit from the coming collapse of the dollar.

Jim Rickards has spent over 35 years in investment banking, international economics, and political and national intelligence advisory roles. Now, based on his decades of experience, he believes the United States is facing the impending collapse of the dollar.

By subscribing to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence today, you can get specific investment recommendations to protect yourself during the upcoming collapse of the United States Dollar.

A one year subscription to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is priced at around $79 per year.

What Are Biden Bucks?

Jim Rickards believes Joe Biden and the world’s elites are teaming up to launch a trackable version of the United States Dollar.

Here’s how Jim explains the upcoming crisis:

“Where were you on March 9, 2022……when President Biden signed the death warrant on American freedom? On that day, in a hushed ceremony at the White House……without the approval of Congress, the states, or the American people…Biden signed into law Executive Order 14067.”

According to Jim, Executive Order 14067 gives Joe Biden the power to replace the United States Dollar with a “trackable spyware version”.

Jim calls Executive Order 14067 “the most treacherous act by a sitting President in the history of our republic.” He believes Joe Biden’s actions have set the stage for the government to spy on all United States Dollars. That means the government will be able to view all bank accounts and purchases.

Some of the problems with Executive Order 14067 and Biden Bucks include:

  • Legal government surveillance of all US citizens
  • Total control over your bank accounts and purchases
  • The ability to silence all dissenting voices for good

Jim blames the Democrats and Joe Biden for this issue, claiming it’s part of a concerted war against freedom:

“In this new war on freedom, the Dems aren’t coming for your guns. No, they’re thinking much bigger than that…They’re coming for your money. And it’s already started.”

Some of the other issues linked to Biden Bucks include:

  • The United States Dollar will be made obsolete because of Joe Biden’s Executive Order
  • The cash currency we have today will be replaced by new, programmable digital tokens that Jim is calling “Biden Bucks”

Jim claims “few outside the Deep State” recognize Joe Biden’s actions for what they really are

If Jim’s predictions are correct, then Joe Biden doesn’t just want to create a digital version of the US Dollar: he wants total control of all American citizens

If Biden Bucks are introduced, then the United States government will be able to track and record every purchase you make

Fortunately Jim has some good news: by taking action today, you can protect your retirement portfolio, profit from the crisis, and avoid Joe Biden’s tyrannical warpath over the coming years.

The Government Will Use Biden Bucks to Force You to Eat Veggie Burgers

According to Jim Rickards, Joe Biden and the Deep State plan to use “Biden Bucks” to force people to eat veggie burgers.

If you do not make choices that align with Joe Biden and the Deep State’s goals, then the government will block your purchase.

Because Biden Bucks are trackable with every purchase, the government can block you from buying more than, say, $100 per gas in a week. The government could allow you to buy a single steak per week, for example, and force you to buy a plant-based alternative.

Here are some of the ways Biden Bucks could be programmed by Joe Biden and the Deep State, according to Jim Rickards:

  • The government can force you to buy an electric vehicle by blocking all gas purchases
  • The government can force you to get vaccinated
  • The government can force you into solar energy
  • The government can force you to use less water or heat
  • The government can force you to eat fake, plant-based meat
  • The government can control where you travel, how you spend your money, how you donate to politicians, and more

Overall, Jim Rickards predicts that the United States will become “a surveillance state like China or North Korea” where every aspect of life is controlled.

The United States Dollar “Will Be Obsolete”

Most adults have significant wealth in the United States Dollar. Your investment and retirement accounts are denominated in United States Dollars.

If the United States Dollar plummets in value, as predicted by Jim, then it could put retirement and investment savings at significant risk.

The United States Dollar may drop in value because Biden Bucks will be less valuable than other types of currency. If the United States government can track every purchase and block certain purchases, then the currency isn’t very useful.

Here’s how Joe Biden and the Deep State plan to control the United States, according to Jim Rickards:

  • Step 1) Eliminate cash altogether using the Biden Bucks digital version of the United States Dollar
  • Step 2) Introduce a negative interest rate on all accounts. You can program a digital currency to do anything at any time, and the negative interest rate causes your money to shrink each month.

Because of these two steps, Jim Rickards describe Biden Bucks as “a digital cattle chute.” It’s sending United States citizens to the slaughterhouse. By controlling your money, the United States government can control virtually every action.

The Biden Bucks Survival Plan: How to Protect Yourself and Your Wealth

By subscribing to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence today, you get a bundle of bonus reports you can use to protect yourself and your wealth.

In these bonus reports, Jim outlines a step-by-step guide for surviving the tyranny of Biden Bucks, outsmarting Joe Biden and the Deep State, and protecting your wealth – or even profiting – during uncertain times.

Your purchase comes with a guide called The Asset Emancipation System: Securing Your Sovereign Wealth and Freedom, for example. That guide covers topics like:

  • Create an off-the-grid fortune, including how to secure $1.1 million in wealth in a hollowed-out soda can safe.
  • Save your God-given freedoms while having liquidity and spendable wealth without using Biden Bucks.
  • Grow your personal wealth and get specific investment recommendations as events unfold.
  • Ensure you maintain your wealth regardless of external conditions.

You also get a copy of The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio. This eBook explains everything you need to know about buying the right kind of physical gold to protect yourself from the Biden Bucks transition. You’ll discover topics like:

  • Is gold safe to invest in?
  • How much should I invest in precious metals?
  • What kinds of precious metals should I buy and at which quantities?
  • Where should I buy gold and other precious metals?
  • How can I safely store gold to avoid theft or government confiscation
  • You also get a guide on America’s Secret Currency, where Jim describes a secret off-the-grid asset for protecting your wealth (and it’s not related to gold or cryptocurrency).

Other guides explain how to profit from the chaos, transfer your wealth into solid assets to protect yourself, and take other steps to avoid the upcoming tyranny of Biden Bucks.

What’s Included with Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence?

As part of a 2022 promotion, Jim Rickards is bundling all new subscriptions to Strategic Intelligence with a bundle of bonus reports.

What’s Included with Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence IMAGE

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Strategic Intelligence today:

Monthly Issues of Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence: Each month, Jim and his team send you a new issue of his flagship newsletter. You can keep up-to-date on what’s happening with “Biden Bucks.” You can also discover new investment recommendations, new strategies for making money from the collapse of the United States Dollar, and a step-by-step guide to profiting from the upcoming crisis.

Live Monthly Intelligence Sessions: Each month Jim Rickards joins subscribers for a live video intelligence session. Jim provides his analysis on current market conditions and his predictions on what happens next. Each month, subscribers receive a private access link to join a small group of other members on the call.

Free Ticket to Other Live Events: Subscribers to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence also receive free tickets to other Paradigm Press live events, including events featuring some of the biggest names in finance and other members of the Paradigm Press team. Other events may feature James Altucher, Robert Kiyosaki, George Gilder, Ray Kurzweil, and others.

Access to Model Portfolio: The Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence team updates the model portfolio in real time, making it easy to track positions, see entry and exit points, and match the team’s investment returns and losses. You can discover the recommended portfolio allocations, see how previous recommendations have fared, and match your own portfolio to the Strategic Intelligence team based on Jim Rickards’ recommendations.

Bonus Report #1: The Asset Emancipation System:Securing Your Sovereign Wealth and Freedom: In this bonus report, Jim provides step-by-step details on how to outsmart Biden Bucks and follow a four-step plan for securing your sovereign wealth and freedom, including:

  • How to create an off-the-grid fortune and secure $1.1 million in wealth inside a “soda can” safe.
  • How to save your freedoms and enjoy liquidity and spendable wealth without using Biden Bucks.
  • How to grow your personal wealth and make money as the crisis unfolds.
  • How to ensure you maintain your wealth regardless of external conditions.

Bonus Report #2: The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio: Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Right Kind of Physical Gold:Jim Rickards is a big believer in gold. He believes Biden Bucks could cause the price of gold to skyrocket, which is why he recommends buying gold today before it takes off. In this book, you can discover how much gold Jim recommends buying, how much of your portfolio to allocate to precious metals, and where to buy gold, among other topics.

Bonus Report #3: America’s Secret Currency:Get in on the Ultimate Off-the-Grid Asset: This report explains an under-appreciated asset that cannot be tracked or traced. That asset has increased in value over time, and Jim recommends buying the asset today as a critical part of any off-the-grid portfolio. This guide explains everything you need to know about the asset and how to buy it.

Bonus Report #4: How to Profit from Chaos: The 3 Companies Building Biden Bucks: This report details 3 companies building the infrastructure for the digital dollar and how you could profit as Biden Bucks take off. Three companies are closely involved with the Biden Bucks development process. Jim recommends investing in these companies today to “set you up to grow your wealth during the elites coming money-takeover.”

Bonus Report #5: How to Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress by Former CIA Officer Jason Hanson: This report explains how to protect your family and your property as Joe Biden prepares to lead America into catastrophe. Jim Rickards believes “things could get ugly in our country as Biden tries to take over our money,” which is why he recommends arming yourself to the teeth today to protect your family and your home. In this guide, you can discover how to shoot people who want to take your money and how to protect your wealth from societal breakdowns.

Free Subscriptions to Other Daily Paradigm Press Newsletters: Subscribers are automatically subscribed to five other Paradigm Press daily newsletters as part of their subscription, including The Daily Reckoning, The Daily Proof, Daily Crypto Hunter, The Rude Awakening, and 5 Minute Forecast.

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Pricing

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is priced at $49 to $129 per year, depending on your subscription level. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Bronze Level ($49 Per Year)

  • Includes digital-only issues of Strategic Intelligence
  • Includes weekly updates and other regular membership benefits

Platinum Level ($79 Per Year)

  • Includes digital and print issues of Strategic Intelligence
  • Includes weekly updates and other regular membership benefits
  • Includes free reports
  • Includes Bonus Report: Twenty Stocks to Dump and Five to Own

There’s also a third membership tier called the Silver tier, which is priced at $129 and comes with fewer bonuses than the Platinum level. There is no advantage to purchasing the Silver tier membership at the higher price.

After you subscribe to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence today, your membership is renewed every year at your chosen price until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

About Paradigm Press

Paradigm Press is a financial publishing company found online at Paradigm.press.

The company offers a range of paid and free financial newsletters. Major newsletters include Jim Rickards’ Countdown To Crisis, Jim Rickards’ Tactical Currency Profits, Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator, and Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator, among others.

You can contact the Paradigm Press and Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Jim Rickards and the Strategic Intelligence team have launched a new marketing campaign warning the world about “Biden Bucks.”

According to Jim Rickards, Joe Biden is preparing to launch a trackable version of the United States Dollar. This will allow the United States government to track every purchase and transfer in the country.

By subscribing to Strategic Intelligence today, you can discover the specific steps to take to protect your money, avoid using Biden Bucks, and profit from the upcoming collapse of the United States Dollar.


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