Janine Terrano Saturday guest on WebTalkGuys

“This Saturday the local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will be featuring a discussion with local business leader Janine Terrano of Topia Ventures and a roundtable debate on whether Macromedia’s Flash is a Flash In The Pan or Not.Terrano will discuss Topia Ventures, which has created intelligent software known as the Topia Personal Agent. The software becomes smarter as it shops online, coordinates schedules, accesses e-mail and collaborates on documents on behalf of the end user.Terrano will elaborate on a recently announced agreement with The Boeing Company and Topia Ventures will team with the company’s Phantom Works division to create a customized working demonstration on how Topia’s Agent technology can be used to revolutionize current logistics reporting and planning within an Army tactical battlefield scenario.A roundtable discussion will look at the use of Macromedia’s Flash animation on websites. The roundtable includes Rob Greenlee, Jeff Davis, Digital Strategist of Business Internet Services and Joey Caisse, CEO of Web-X.com.Flash is considered a great way to jazz up a web site; however, its downsides will also be discussed. They will talk about whether this Macromedia software is doomed to play a small part on the net or is it destined to be used in all websites.The radio show also covers Internet News with Rob Greenlee, Mitch Ratcliffe, Chief-Content-Officer of On24.com and Founder of BigGarden Ventures in Tacoma, and WebGrrl Dana, President of LoudVox Productionswhich also produces the show.The program will air Saturday, Feb. 17, at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180 AM as well as Webcast at www.webtalkguys.com. “