Roundtable debate on this week's WebTalkGuys

“This Saturday the local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will be featuring a roundtable debate on the topic Is The Internet Of Today Doomed to Collapse or Will It Be Born Again?Carrying on that theme of looking at the future on the Net, the show will also focus on the trend of Peer-To-Peer Internet applications with an interview with Rick Davis, CEO of The are the makers of Scout, a free next-generation contact management software application that keeps a person’s personal and business contact information current automatically.Host Rob Greenlee will be joined by Mitch Ratcliffe, chief content officer of, Joey Caisse, CEO of, and Dana Greenlee, president of By facilitating an open discussion of the future of the Internet with industry professionals, Greenlee hopes to help his audience keep abreast of the trends. The point is to not rest on your laurels, says Greenlee. If you don’t keep up on trends and wear your futurist hat, there are many ways to be left behind on the Internet.Greenlee sees a move toward a rebirth of the way the Internet is being used.My reasoning behind this is the proliferation of VPN’s and concerns over privacy, bandwidth, inefficient and unreliable DNS routing and security, says Greenlee. There will be a perceived value in the establishment of Peer-to-Peer networks. You’re seeing it in Napster, AIM and large eMarketplaces and with our guest this week from refers to software applications that communicate and trade data directly with other Internet users. Examples such as Napster, AOL Instant Messaging, and now the recently launched Scout, to be discussed on this week’s show, has proved to be very popular and successful on the net, Greenlee said.The public internet is also lacking in reliable routing and DNS security. I am sure that the lessions of the Internet2 will prove the power of clean fiber optic routing and what that can do for speed.Greenlee predicts seeing more large corporations shaping the popular content pathways of the Internet. I think we are also seeing the growth of companies like AOL Time Warner becoming the Internet, if they are not already all that people associate with their Internet experience. They are caching more and more content all the time.The program will air at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180AM as well as Webcast at “