How to retain clients during difficult economic times

Developing a new client relationship can cost a firm from six to eight times more than maintaining an existing one.

This finding from Harvard Business Review brings many businesses face to face with the financial necessity of retaining their existing clients during a sagging economy.

F2F Consulting offers Puget Sound professional services firms assistance in nurturing one of their most valuable assets: their current client base.

A client relationship consulting firm, F2F Consulting helps businesses track client satisfaction, build client loyalty and increase their understanding of their clients’ needs.

“We learn more from our mistakes than from our successes,” said Bonnieclare Erling, founder and manager of F2F Consulting. “Smart businesses and individuals are richly rewarded by asking their clients, ‘How can we improve our service to you?’ ”

“Learning the answers produces big dividends in client loyalty and improved profitability,” said Erling, whose Seattle-based business also serves clients in Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Erling specializes in an individual and personal approach to evaluating and tracking client satisfaction.

What follows is increased client retention, improved staff competence and financial benefit.

F2F’s core service is the “client satisfaction interview.” Clients receive an interview report along with consultation and resources to help them evaluate and respond to client feedback.

Other F2F services include a “business roundtable discussion” with clients; “group process consultation” for improving the performance of a team or management group; and “business recovery services” for resolving issues between a firm and its client.

Since 1995, Erling has helped businesses evaluate and improve their services through client satisfaction interviews, roundtable discussions and consultation.

Employed in the building and design industry for the past 12 years, her approach stems from a curiosity about human perspectives and a passion for building effective relationships between people and businesses.

Erling holds a master’s degree in management from Antioch University in Seattle and a bachelor’s degree in communications/psychology from the University of Washington.

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