**UPDATE/RESCHEDULED** Historic Tacoma annual meeting spotlights Hilltop heritage building renovations

Tacoma residents are invited to learn more about the renovation of two historic buildings in the city’s Hilltop neighborhood during Historic Tacoma‘s annual meeting in October.

The Kellogg-Sicker Building—built in 1906 and located at 1114-16 Martin Luther King Jr. Way—and the 1904 Pochert Building—located at 1110-12 Martin Luther King Jr. Way—are currently being renovated by a development team led by Kevin Grossman, as well as the Tacoma Housing Authority, which plans to develop the vacant lots south of the buildings into a multi-unit affordable housing complex, according to Historic Tacoma officials. During the annual meeting, Grossman, Tacoma Housing Authority representatives, and Historic Tacoma representatives will provide presentations on the project.

The event will be held on Thurs., Oct. 22, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., at 1114 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, in Tacoma. Light refreshments will be served, and postcards that depict historic buildings and were created by local artists will be on display. The event is free and open to the public.

Historic Tacoma is a non-profit organization that aims to promote, conserve, and enhance Tacoma’s architectural character through education, advocacy, and preservation.

More information is available online here.

UPDATE | WEDS., NOV. 18 @ 7:50 A.M. — Historic Tacoma has rescheduled its annual meeting to be held on Thurs., Dec. 10, between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., at Normanna Hall, located at 1106 S. 15th St., in Tacoma.


UPDATE | SUN., OCT. 18 @ 11:40 A.M. — Historic Tacoma Board President Gary Knudson has announced the following via e-mail:

Due to conditions beyond our control, the Board of Directors of Historic Tacoma have decided to cancel the Annual Meeting that was scheduled to be held at the Kellogg/Sicker-Pochert Buildings at 1114-16 MLK, Jr. Way on Thursday, October 22nd, 7-9 PM. The major reason for this change was that on inspection of the venue, Board members found that renovations had not happened as fast as had been anticipated a few weeks ago and there was insufficient time to find an alternative location. The Board has decided to reschedule our annual meeting for later this year, and will notify you as soon as further details are in place. Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding.


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