Help plan for the future of Titlow Park’s shoreline, forested areas

Metro Parks Tacoma invites the public to November 7 brainstorming session at Titlow Lodge

Metro Parks Tacoma wants to make parts of 75-acre Titlow Park more publicly accessible while restoring and conserving its natural landscape.

So if you enjoy visiting Titlow Park or care about its future, please attend a 6 p.m. brainstorming session Nov. 7 at Titlow Lodge.

In 2014, Metro Parks voters approved a $198 million bond issue, including money earmarked for Titlow Park. Specifics included improved trail access to Hidden Beach and natural area restoration. The district also is considering how to manage a now-vacant waterfront site at Titlow Park’s north end to best benefit the public. Tacoma Outboard Association, which had leased a boat ramp, dock and clubhouse at the site, departed in 2016.

The meeting is part of Metro Parks effort to refine its 2010 Titlow Park master plan to reflect recent changes. Substantial public involvement contributed to the development of the original plan. This revision is focused exclusively on the shoreline and the forested areas north of the park’s lagoon.

Andrea Smith, president of the five-member Metro Parks Board of Commissioners, said she treasures Titlow Park and hopes others who value it will contribute ideas. “As a child I spent time at what was called Hidden Beach day camp, learning about sea life at low tide and how trees contribute to our well-being and environmental sustainability,” Smith said. “I’m excited to hear how residents want to use this park in the future.”

The November meeting will be the second in a series of public gatherings to ensure park visitors and other residents have opportunities to share and comment on proposals. Discussion at the upcoming session will focus on the shoreline, the bridge to the former Tacoma Outboard Association site, and the park’s north and central forested zones.

Photo by Morf Morford
Photo by Morf Morford

In all, 46 acres of Titlow Park are undeveloped forest, dominated by alder, big leaf maple and Douglas fir trees. The park is designated as bald eagle and pileated woodpecker habitat and includes several streams and wetland areas.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but have questions or would like to comment, please reach out to Project Administrator Tom Dargan at (253) 305-1017 or

Find out more about proposed Titlow Park improvements at

Titlow Park Master Plan meeting

What: A brainstorming session to discuss the Titlow shoreline, its forested areas and the bridge to the former Tacoma Outboard Association site.

When: 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7

Where: Titlow Lodge, 8425 Sixth Ave., Tacoma WA 98465

– Metro Parks

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