Grant Cardone Unbreakable Challenge Review – Is It Worth It?

Grant Cardone has launched a new online event in 2023 called the Unbreakable Challenge.

If you want to change your life in 2023, then Grant Cardone’s Unbreakable Challenge could help. During the 5-day challenge, you’ll discover Grant’s exact roadmap for transforming uncertainty into opportunity and growth for your business.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Grant Cardone’s Unbreakable Challenge today in our review.

What is the Unbreakable Challenge?

The Unbreakable Challenge is a 5-day program designed to help you discover areas of growth and opportunity for your business.

Led by Grant Cardone, the challenge aims to help you become more resilient and adaptable to uncertain times. The next few months could have plenty of uncertainty. In the Unbreakable Challenge, Grant teaches you how to overcome uncertainty and turn it into a driving force.

Over the 5-day Unbreakable Challenge, Grant and a team of guests discuss proven tips, strategies, and skills you can use to maximize professional growth.

The Unbreakable Challenge is free to attend. You can also upgrade to a VIP package for $97, then receive a package of bonus guides, videos, and tools.


How the Unbreakable Challenge Works

During the 5-day Unbreakable Challenge event, Grant and his team teach you proven strategies to become more resilient and adaptable, helping you overcome uncertain times.

The event is free for anyone to attend. After entering your name and contact information into the online form, you receive complete details about the date on which the 5-day event starts and how it works:

Step 1) Sign up online by entering your name and contact information into the online form. Then, set calendar reminders to make sure you don’t miss the event. The Unbreakable Challenge starts every day at 1pm EST, running for five consecutive days. At this point, you can also decide whether you want to stick to the free membership option or upgrade to a VIP package for $97.

Step 2) Join the private Unbreakable Business Challenge Facebook group. The Facebook group features live training from Grant Cardone and his team of guest speakers. You can get a preview of what you’ll learn during the upcoming Unbreakable Challenge event.

Step 3) Get exclusive Messenger updates. During the 5-day Unbreakable Challenge event, Grant sends exclusive live training updates via Facebook Messenger. You can sign up for instant updates to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Step 4) Watch a video and claim a free gift. The final step is to watch a video from Grant and claim your free gift. After watching a brief video with Grant and a guest, you can claim a free 30-day trial of ClickFunnels 2.0, helping you boost your business.

The Unbreakable Challenge starts daily at 1pm EST. If you sign up today, then the first day of the event will start tomorrow.

What Will You Learn During the Unbreakable Challenge?

During the Unbreakable Challenge, Grant is on a mission to talk to 1 million business owners. He wants to spread his message of adaptability and resilience to the maximum possible number of business owners.

One of the core tenets of the Unbreakable Challenge is the 5 Pillars of an Unbreakable Business. If you want to develop a business that stands the rest of time, then it needs to have these five pillars.

Some of the topics covered during the Unbreakable Challenge include:

  • Unlock the secret to turning uncertainty into opportunity.
  • Hear proven business tips and messages from Grant Cardone and his team.
  • Discover how to overcome fear and uncertainty to achieve business success.
  • Gain insights and tools you need to stay focused, confident, and resilient no matter what challenges come your way.
  • Grow your business, protect your financial future, improve your team’s performance, or foster personal success.

Overall, the goal of the Unbreakable Challenge is to give you the knowledge and skills you need to move forward with confidence and determination.

What is the Unbreakable Challenge Ultimate Package VIP Upgrade?

The Unbreakable Challenge is a free 5-day event anyone can attend. You can also pay an extra $97 to upgrade to the Unbreakable Challenge Ultimate Package VIP Upgrade option, which adds new perks, guides, and tools to the event.


Here’s everything included in the Unbreakable Challenge VIP upgrade:


VIP Perk #1: Exclusive Backstage Access to Grant (Retail Value of $1,000): Your purchase includes exclusive backstage access to a private virtual room where you can interact with Grant every day. This room gives you an opportunity to network with potential clients and future business collaborators while also communicating directly with Grant. The room opens after each session, giving you unprecedented access to Grant, his team, and like-minded entrepreneurs.


VIP Perk #2: Bonus Q&A Sessions with Grant & Experts (Retail Value of $1,000): VIP insiders also get access to Q&A sessions with Grant, his experts, and celebrity presenters. After discovering the 5 Pillars of an Unbreakable Business during the main Unbreakable Challenge presentation, you can learn how to apply those principles in real life. As a VIP, you can ask questions of Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone, Brandon Dawson, Pete Vargas, Russell Brunson, Stormy Wellington, Eric Worre, Robert Herjavec, and TD Jakes, among other guests and experts. Only VIP attendees get access to these Q&A sessions.


VIP Perk #3: Unlimited Access to 5 Days of Unbreakable Challenge Recordings (Retail Value $500): Your VIP purchase includes unlimited access to recordings of each day of the Unbreakable Challenge. You can come back and watch the event over and over again to absorb the lessons. Ordinary viewers don’t get access to recordings. They have one chance to view the livestream, and that’s it. As a VIP member, you get lifetime access to full HD recordings of all 5 days of the Unbreakable Challenge. You also get recordings of all 5 bonus Q&A sessions with Grant and his guests.


VIP Perk #4: Grant’s Brand-New Unbreakable Business Workbook (Retail Value $1,000): Your VIP upgrade includes a workbook exclusive to VIP attendees. That workbook features all of the vital information Grant and his experts covered about building an unbreakable business. You can learn how to develop key strategies to make your business resilient, for example, and translate those lessons into real success for your business. Grant claims he plans to sell this workbook for $1,000 on his website. As a VIP member of the Unbreakable Challenge, you get the workbook for free.


VIP Perk #5: The Unbreakable Prep Video Series with Grant and Special Guests (Retail Value $1,000): Your VIP membership gives you an unfair advantage, allowing you to hear from Unbreakable Challenge speakers before the challenge event starts. After you upgrade to your VIP membership, you get instant access to the Unbreakable Prep Video Series. The series features 8+ hours of high-quality digital presentations with Unbreakable Challenge guests like TD Jakes, Stormy Wellington, Robert Herjavec, Russell Brunson, Brandon Dawson, Pete Vargas, Elena Cardone, and Grant Cardone himself. You also get lifetime access to all recordings.

Overall, the VIP package includes $4,403 of value for a one-time fee of $97.

Unbreakable Challenge Pricing

The Unbreakable Challenge is free for anyone to attend, and you can attend all 5 days of the event with no “catch.” Just enter your name and contact information into the online form to get started by clicking here.

You can also pay for a VIP upgrade and buy certain upsells to enhance the value of the event.

Here’s how pricing works:

  • Unbreakable Challenge: Free
  • Unbreakable Challenge Ultimate Package VIP Upgrade: +$97
  • Billion Dollar Business Secrets Private Collection of Videos: +$27

You can add Billion Dollar Business Secrets to your online order for an additional $27. The private video series features the stories of 16 people who went from $0 to billions in sales.

Unbreakable Challenge Refund Policy

You cannot receive a refund on any digital products offered by Grant Cardone, including the Unbreakable Challenge. Once you pay your fee online, you have instant access to the Unbreakable Challenge’s digital materials, which is why Grant cannot offer a refund.

However, contact Grant Cardone and the Cardone University customer service team for any questions or concerns about your product. The company offers refunds on physical products.

About Cardone Training Technologies

Cardone Training Technologies is an online venture launched by Grant Cardone. The company is registered in Aventura, Florida.

You can contact Cardone Training Technologies and the Unbreakable Challenge customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-368-5771
  • Mailing Address: 18909 NE 29th Ave Aventura, FL 33180

Final Word

Grant Cardone has teamed up with a group of guest experts and celebrity presenters to launch a 5-day online event called the Unbreakable Challenge.

During the event, entrepreneurs learn how to make their business more resilient and adaptable. Grant discusses the pillars of adaptability, for example, that can help your business stand the test of time.

The Unbreakable Challenge is free for anyone to attend. However, you can buy a VIP membership for $97, giving you additional access to Grant and his team along with a package of bonus videos.

To learn more about Grant Cardone and how the Unbreakable Challenge works, or to sign up for the challenge today, visit the official website at Unbreakable2023.com.