Gov. Inslee promotes jobs plan in Tacoma

Governor Jay Inslee was in Tacoma Thursday to promote the “Working Washington Agenda,” a plan he unveiled this week that aims to revitalize Washington State’s economy.

During his visit to Tacoma, Inslee toured General Plastics and cited the company’s strong record of hiring veterans. According to Inslee, General Plastics employs 187 employees, of which 25, or 13 percent of the company’s workforce, are veterans. Inslee has proposed a tax credit to incentivize veteran hiring. He was joined Thursday by Alfie Alvarado-Ramos, Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Washington families are struggling, and nearly 300,000 people in the state are looking for work,” Inslee said. “They expect us to step up to the challenge of rebuilding our economy. For our state to compete in the global economy, we must create a Working Washington that sustains an innovative economic climate in every corner of the state. I have confidence we can answer the challenge. A strong workforce has been our strength in the past and will be our path to the future.”

The governor’s plan includes nearly a dozen pieces of legislation, government reforms, and new state investment priorities that focus on education, workforce expansion, aerospace leadership, clean energy, and health care.

“[General Plastics] does great job hiring those who served,” said Inslee during his Tacoma visit. “Washington State needs to do more to encourage hiring of vets. The ‘Working Washington Agenda’ would help companies hire about 4,100 veterans. I’ve also asked the Legislature to approve bills to recruit more and require more purchasing from vet-owned businesses.”

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. (COURTESY PHOTO)