GlucoCalm Reviewed (Peak Biome)

How would you feel about taking a blood sugar support supplement that doesn’t necessitate restrictive eating patterns or strenuous workout regimens? Would you be persuaded to use the supplement if the solution required little change in your daily routine? Before, these would have been deemed unattainable because society consistently insists that limiting sugars and carbohydrates will balance blood sugar levels.

The latter approach doesn’t sit well with Peak Biome, which claims to have relied extensively on the ingredients that stimulate the body’s “bloodstream cleaning crew.”

This review introduces GlucoCalm and its role in activating the abovementioned crew. Let’s start by discussing its purpose for being.

What is GlucoCalm?

GlucoCalm is a blood sugar supplement that rids the bloodstream of a toxic sugar suspected of causing blood sugar fluctuations, aggravates insulin resistance, and makes the already poor condition of excess glucose even more problematic. This approach, argues the Peak Biome, could even free people from all glucose-related problems, mainly because high blood sugar can lead to diabetes or heart disease. The basic yet practical approach to mending that GlucoCalm looks to take is promising. Nonetheless, it is essential first to consider the foundation of this formula.

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How Does GlucoCalm Work?

GlucoCalm purports to prevent the body from absorbing extra glucose, allowing users to stabilize their blood sugar levels. As previously said, this shield has nothing to do with carbohydrates or calorie restriction but instead with one culprit nutrient. Why is glucose essential to begin with? Glucose is the principal energy source for our brain, nervous system, muscle contraction, kidneys, and other organs.

As a result, a glucose shortage will probably cause mayhem.

The problem isn’t necessarily too much glucose in the body; it’s all stored in the wrong place. More specifically, glucose must be used by cells, tissues, and organs; however, in most cases, it is found circulating in the blood. When this component remains in the bloodstream for an extended period, it simultaneously interacts with proteins, lipids, and other molecules. This interaction is thought to produce advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

As per the reporting of one source, AGEs are harmful compounds known to be formed in large amounts and induce oxidative stress and inflammation. When appropriate steps are not taken to eliminate them, people may be at risk of developing diabetes, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, and premature aging. It’s worth noting that AGEs have a detrimental effect on endothelial cells (essential for controlling blood pressure and flow), not to mention the risk of heart attack, failure, and stroke.

Surprisingly, AGEs flourish due to poor eating habits (e.g., barbecue, grilling, roasting, baking, frying, sautéing, etc.). Elevated blood sugar levels are also associated with an increased risk of AGE production. What is too much? The average AGE consumption is said to be around 15,000 per day. To put things into perspective, a fried egg alone contains 1,240kU/l (an AGE measurement).

Overall, the ingredients present in GlucoCalm work in two stages. First, they remove AGEs from the blood, and afterward, they persuade cells, tissues, and organs that absorbing glucose from the bloodstream is safe.

Given this formula’s backbone, reviewing the ingredients is worthwhile.

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What’s Inside GlucoCalm?

The following ingredients, which make up the proprietary blend (1,448mg), contribute to GlucoCalm’s favorable influence on blood sugar levels:


Berberine Extract

Berberine extract is made from a plant chemical. It has been frequently shown to have hypoglycemic action. One group of researchers that studied berberine’s inhibitory effect on AGEs found that the extract improved fasting blood sugar and glucose tolerance in mice with high blood sugar. Berberine is also believed to have reduced AGEs in the lens while enhancing the blood-retina barrier. This result can be attributed to the plant chemical’s capacity to elevate nitric oxide levels and exert antioxidant effects that reduce AGEs.

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

Gymnema Sylvestre is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to keep blood sugar levels in check. The herb’s primary active substance, gymnemic acid, suppresses sugar cravings (by eliminating taste) and prevents the body from absorbing sugar and fat. Along with inhibiting the production of AGEs, its antioxidant properties may help improve insulin sensitivity, lipid, and carbohydrate metabolism, and the reduction of inflammatory mediators.

Salacia Oblonga Extract

Salacia oblonga extract is derived from the oblong leaf of an Indian and Sri Lankan climbing shrub. Early studies on its consumption in people with type 2 diabetes revealed decreased hemoglobin A1C levels (or a measure of blood sugar control). One study described how the compounds salacinol and kotalanol in this herb block the activity of small intestine enzymes, inhibiting the glucosidase enzyme and slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates. This is especially advantageous for those who have observed blood sugar increase immediately following a meal.

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Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon, or pure cinnamon, is found in Sri Lanka. Due to the spice’s antioxidant, antimicrobial, and therapeutic properties, many health-related uses have come to life. In particular, it is alleged to provide hepatoprotective effects, lower blood glucose, and reduce inflammation. In the context of blood glucose, Ceylon cinnamon may promote pancreatic cell function while decreasing the production of AGEs (owing to its rich source of proanthocyanidins). Yet, exploratory research is still required to evaluate the reproducibility of said outcomes.

Banaba Powder

Banaba powder is made from the Banaba tree’s leaves. The active ingredients in this powder, such as corosolic acid, ellagitannins, and gallotannins, are thought to lower blood sugar levels by improving glucose absorption and insulin sensitivity and inhibiting glucosidase. Although numerous studies have produced promising findings, additional research is obligatory to comprehend the underlying mechanism. Seeing how AGEs formation is usually constrained around antioxidants, banaba may be just as beneficial.

This formula also contains vitamin C (500mg) and Chromium (100mcg).

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GlucoCalm Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is GlucoCalm manufactured?

GlucoCalm is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility based in the United States. Each bottle exemplifies strict standards, third-party lab testing, and potency.

Q: Is GlucoCalm safe?

A: GlucoCalm is claimed to be safe due to the use of all-natural ingredients backed up by scientific evidence. In particular, people should be aware that the formula is based on vitamins, minerals, and plants, which the Peak Biome team states make it so well-tolerated. Of course, addressing the pros and cons with a healthcare practitioner is highly advisable before making any alterations.

Q: How should GlucoCalm be taken?

A: Based on the introductory page presented by Peak Biome, each serving (i.e., three capsules) should be taken before bed, but this is something that must be clarified with the customer support team.

Q: What are the advertised benefits of taking GlucoCalm?

A: GlucoCalm has the potential to:

  • Rid the body of advanced glycation end products responsible for elevated blood sugar levels and unwanted health conditions.
  • Increase the cells’, tissues’, and organs’ ability to absorb glucose from the bloodstream.
  • Help support a natural inflammatory response
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels after big meals
  • Monitor glucose absorption to prevent any excess from building up in the bloodstream

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Q: How long will it take for GlucoCalm shipments to arrive?

A: All GlucoCalm orders should be processed within the first two business days. An additional five to seven business days will be needed for shipments to arrive within the continental USA. It is unclear how long it will take for international orders to arrive.

Q: Does A money-back guarantee protect GlucoCalm?

A: All GlucoCalm units have been protected by a 180-day money-back guarantee. Any unused and unopened bottles of GlucoCalm will be eligible for a refund if individuals change their minds or become dissatisfied with the product during the first 60 days of purchasing it. To learn more about the refund processes, contact via:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 977 7774
  • Email: support@peakbiome.com
  • Return Address: ATTN: Peak Biome Returns, Jetpack Shipping, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge, Ohio 44278

How Much Does GlucoCalm Cost?

Each container of GlucoCalm constitutes 90 capsules or, equivalently, 30 servings. Given the prevalence of AGEs with age and poor dietary choices, reversing its effects may take time. For these reasons, the Peak Biome team encourages bulk purchases. Here’s a quick rundown of the prices:

  • One GlucoCalm bottle: $49.95 each + $6.95 in S&H
  • Three GlucoCalm bottles: $39.95 each + $6.95 in S&H
  • Six GlucoCalm bottles: $29.95 each + free S&H

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GlucoCalm Concluding Remarks

In line with the above analysis, it should be evident that GlucoCalm is a blood sugar support intended to eliminate AGEs from the bloodstream while improving how efficiently our bodies absorb glucose. The fundamental problem with excess glucose is that it lingers in the bloodstream for too long to transform into these harmful AGEs, which disrupt vital cellular processes in many different cell types (including endothelial cells), potentially raising the risk of heart disease.

Our editorial team was delighted to find evidence after reviewing the ingredient list. Of course, some areas still require research, but valuable information is in place overall.

Since most studies show a significantly larger dose than what is seen in GlucoCalm, including a proprietary blend is a drawback worth highlighting. This could be the reason the Peak Biome team advises ongoing use. Another point that bothered us was the assertion that people could disregard their eating habits. Those interested in GlucoCalm should exercise and follow a healthy diet, mainly when meals are prepared with moist heat, because nutrition plays a crucial role in forming AGEs.

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