Folixine Reviews – Ingredients’ Side Effects vs Benefits Explained

Folixine is a gummy that claims to regrow hair and fix baldness.

Taking one Folixine gummy daily means, you can purportedly “revoke” baldness using a traditional Namibian ritual backed by 100,000 successful customers.

Does Folixine work? How does Folixine regrow hair? Keep reading our review to discover everything you need to know about Folixine and how it works today.

What is Folixine?

Folixine is a hair growth supplement available exclusively online through Folixine.com.

The supplement was developed based on a Himba tribal ritual. The Himba indigenous people of Namibia have famously long, thick hair. They regularly perform a hair growth ritual involving specific nutrients, and Folixine copies those nutrients to provide similar results.

According to Folixine.com, the supplement will revoke baldness, increase hair density and regrow hair “even if you’re as bald as an egg.”

Just take two Folixine Gummies daily, let the ingredients go to work, and Folixine will reverse hair loss and regrow hair, according to the official website.

How Does Folixine Work?

The FDA has only approved two cures for baldness, including minoxidil and finasteride. So how does Folixine work? Can Folixine regrow hair in men and women?

The makers of Folixine describe the supplement as a “super cocktail” that will “regrow your hair with at least 2,200 strands per square inch.” The supplement claims that “over 120,000 men and women” have regrown their hair.

According to the makers of Folixine, big pharmaceutical companies are deliberately suppressing cures for baldness. They make billions of dollars each year from bald men and women.

Doctors tell us hair loss is unavoidable and that losing your hair is normal due to genetics, hormones, and lifestyle factors.

However, the makers of Folixine claim “going bald is completely optional.” By taking Folixine daily, you can avoid going bald, restore lost hair, fix a receding hairline, and solve every hair problem you’ve ever experienced, according to Folixine.com.

Benefits of Folixine

According to Folixine.com, you can experience the following benefits by taking Folixine daily:

  • Get thicker, fuller hair
  • Get rid of bald spots
  • Fix a dangerous leak that acts as the root cause of hair loss
  • Increase the number of hairs produced by every follicle by at least 2, 3, and even four strands per week
  • Clinically tested method guaranteed to work for any man or woman
  • Increase energy levels, boost your social life, and help you lose weight

In other words, Folixine claims to solve virtually every significant problem faced by men and women with hair loss around the world.

Folixine Fixes a Dangerous Leak Inside Your Body

According to the makers of Folixine, the root cause of hair loss is “a dangerous leak happening inside your body right now.”

Over time, that leak leads to baldness, a receding hairline, hair loss, poor hair growth, and other issues.

The goal of Folixine is to fix that leak using the secret of the Himba tribespeople, allowing you to regrow hair, fix bald spots, and enjoy thicker and longer hair within weeks.

By fixing the dangerous leak inside your body, Folixine can purportedly provide benefits like:

  • Supercharge hair growth and force out the lactic acid that accumulated under your scalp
  • Repair the damage on your scalp and start to regrow hair in bald areas
  • Fix the blockage inside your sweat glands that are forcing your body to eliminate growth nutrients through sweat
  • Regulate lactic acid in your sweat to restart the cellular growth of your hair

These blockages have been causing baldness and hair loss issues for years or decades. Over time, your body stops fighting these blockages. Folixine aims to give your body a hidden advantage, helping to repair scalp damage and supercharge hair growth in various ways.

Who Created Folixine?

Folixine was created by a man named John Linkletter. John Linkletter is a graduate of the UConn School of Medicine.

John started going bald at 19. Over the years, he has worked with many prestigious doctors. He has also treated scalp and hair-related conditions. He claims to have personally treated patients with alopecia areata, male pattern baldness, AGA, telogen effluvium, and chemotherapy-related hair loss, among other issues.

John also claims to have contributed to the development of finasteride, one of two FDA-approved treatments for hair loss.

Despite having 35 years of experience treating hair loss and scalp problems, John was still unable to solve his baldness problem – until he took a trip to Namibia.

On a trip to Namibia, John and his wife visited a remote indigenous tribe of Himba people. These people performed a sacred hair growth ceremony called the “Saqqaramaba.”

The Himba tribespeople have legendary thick, black hair – despite not using modern shampoos, conditioners, or hair products.

Wealthy people from around the world purportedly visit the Himba tribespeople to experience this hair growth ritual and regrow their hair. According to John, the Saqqaramaba ritual works on “9 out of 10” people who undergo the treatment.

To make a long story short, John discovered the plants and herbs they used in the Saqqaramaba ceremony. He returned with the ingredients to the United States, tested them on himself, and rapidly cured his baldness.

What to Expect When Taking Folixine

John tested Folixine on himself before selling it to the rest of the world. He copied the exact list of ingredients and dosages used in the Saqqaramaba ritual, then used it on himself back in the United States.

Here’s what happened next:

John documented all of the ingredients, plants, and herbs used by the Himba tribe people in the Saqqaramaba ritual

He brought the elements home and drank his homemade version of the cocktail

John didn’t notice any changes for the first few days, but he said it felt like “something curious was happening inside me,” he felt stronger than usual.

After just “a few days” of taking the cocktail for the first time, John looked in the mirror and saw his “bald crown was filled with hair.”

John claims he saw “hundreds of newborn hairs showing up and covering” his bald head for the first time in decades.

After a few days, John noticed “more and more hair appeared on [his] scalp,” and his shedding dropped to almost zero.

Soon after, John had an entire head “filled with strong, thick hair,” and he felt like a brand new person.

Motivated by his success, John decided to copy the cocktail and share it with the world in the form of Folixine.

John teamed up with a colleague named Dr. Krausz, then developed and refined the formula to release it to the world.

Folixine: Step by Step Guide

Folixine works in a four-step process, according to the official website. Your body absorbs the potent nutrients in each gummy, then regrows hair.

Here’s how Folixine works:

Step 1) Your Body Absorbs the Nutrients in Each Folixine Gummy: First, Folixine absorbs each of the 12 ingredients in the Folixine gummy. These ingredients work in different ways to fix hair loss issues. Some components fix the blockage inside your sweat glands forcing your body to eliminate growth nutrients through sweat, for example. Others regulate lactic acid levels in your sweat to restart the cellular growth of hair.

Step 2) Folixine Eliminates Scalp Blockages and Begins to Heal the Area: Next, Folixine prepares your scalp for further hair growth by repairing damage to the scalp. Before growing hair, Folixine needs to eliminate scalp blockages that cause hair loss in the first place. For this step, Folixine uses a combination of vitamins A and C, which supercharge hair growth, force out lactic acid, and strengthen your hair roots for optimal growth.

Step 3) Folixine Returns Your Hair Growth Cycle to Normal: Next, Folixine starts to actually regrow your hair. Folixine contains ingredients like vitamin D3, for example, to fix your sweaty head issues that are causing baldness. It also contains biotin to restore keratin production and boost hair growth. Vitamin E, sodium, iodine, folate, and vitamin B6 help “turbo boost your hair growth on those bald patches” to regrow hair in areas where it has stopped growing.

Step 4) Create a Natural Armor to Shield Yourself Against Hair Loss: Finally, Folixine aims to shield yourself against hair loss and revitalize your entire body, helping you notice a difference in bald and thinning spots long-term. During this step, Folixine can help eliminate bad cholesterol from your bloodstream, make it easier to lose weight, and reduce stress and anxiety, among other benefits.

Folixine Ingredients

Folixine contains a blend of plants, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to regrow hair. Some of these herbs come from the Himba tribespeople of Namibia, where they’re used in a special ritual. Others come from conventional medicine.

Folixine consists of a proprietary blend of 12 ingredients, most of which are vitamins and minerals backed by extensive research.

Some of the active ingredients in Folixine include:

Vitamin D3: Described as the “star ingredient” of Folixine, vitamin D3 can help baldness by fighting back against a sweaty head. One of the main symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency is a sweaty head and excessive sweating. When you sweat, it’s harder for your hair to regrow. That’s why, according to Folixine.com, many bald men have shiny heads. The vitamin D3 in Folixine can purportedly help with this, working to regrow hair and get lactic acid under control.

Biotin: Biotin is a B vitamin. Biotin is found in virtually every hair and nail supplement worldwide because of its proven effects on keratin. The makers of Folixine claim to have sourced their biotin from “rare algae found in the Indian Ocean.” According to the manufacturer, biotin restores keratin production in your hair, disrupted by lactic acid buildup, thereby increasing follicle growth and preventing age-related hair loss.

Other Vitamins & Minerals: Folixine also contains vitamin E, B6, folate, sodium, iodine, and other vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals work in different ways with a similar goal: to help turbo-boost hair growth on bald patches and improve length and density.

Amino Acids: Folixine contains amino acids to help your hair regrow. Amino acids can help distribute oxygen and blood to your scalp, stimulating hair growth.

African Marula Tree Extract: Many of the ingredients in Folixine are derived from the African Marula tree, which is the tree used in the traditional Himba tribes people’s hair growth recipe. Also known as Sclerocarya birrea, the tree is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B3, iron, calcium, potassium, amino acids, and other nutrients found in the Folixine formula. Although Folixine does not appear to contain African Marula tree extract directly, the formula is inspired by the African Marula tree.

Scientific Evidence for Folixine

John claims to have conducted multiple tests on Folixine to verify it works as advertised to fix baldness, regrow hair in bald spots, and help anyone grow thicker and longer hair.

First, John tested the formula on himself. After a few days of taking the formula, his bald head was covered in tiny hairs. After a few weeks, he had a full head of thick, strong hair again for the first time in decades.

Motivated by his success, John gathered a group of 120 volunteers to conduct a more formal trial. Here’s what happened:

John and his colleague, Dr. Krausz, gathered a group of 120 volunteers

The volunteers were between ages 20 and 65 and had different levels of hair loss – from completely bald heads to mildly receding hairlines; some had been completely bald for decades, while others had only just started to notice hair loss issues.

John and Dr. Krausz asked each volunteer to take Folixine daily

Soon after the test began, their phones began “ringing like crazy,” with volunteers extolling the virtues of the formula

Volunteers claimed they “got their thick luscious hair back even better than before their hair loss started.”

As proof, Folixine.com features before and after images of people who regrew their hair, cured their baldness, and immediately reversed all hair loss after taking Folixine.

Overall, “100% of participants” increased hair density and reduced bald patches “in just a few weeks” of using Folixine, according to Folixine.com.

Despite being one of the most successful hair loss studies in human history, John and Dr. Krausz declined to publish the study in a peer-reviewed journal, nor do they disclose further details about the study online.

The makers of Folixine describe vitamin D as the “star ingredient” in the formula. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, although some people take vitamin D supplements or foods fortified with vitamin D. Still, we don’t often think of vitamin D and hair loss; studies have connected vitamin D with hair loss. In this 2021 study, researchers found that vitamin D was intricately involved in hair follicle growth and various hair signaling pathways. Researchers also found vitamin D deficiency was linked to hair loss. If you’re not getting enough vitamin D, then it could genuinely affect hair growth.

Folixine also contains biotin, a B vitamin, in many hair and nail growth supplements. According to this 2017 study, biotin is linked to clinical improvement of hair and nail growth. Researchers reviewed dozens of randomized clinical trials on biotin, finding it helped with brittle nail syndrome, hair issues, and general hair growth.

Overall, the ingredients in Folixine have been linked to supporting hair growth, including the strengthening and growth of your existing hair. However, there’s no evidence that the small dosage of active ingredients in each gummy of Folixine can regrow hair in bald spots, reverse baldness, or increase hair growth across your scalp, as advertised on Folixine.com.

Folixine Pricing

Folixine is priced at $49 to $69 per bottle. Each bottle contains 30 gummies or a 30-day supply. You take one gummy daily to regrow hair, fix baldness, and boost hair growth and thickness.


You can exclusively order Folixine through Folixine.com, where it’s priced at the following rates:

  • 1 Bottle (30-Day Supply): $69 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles (90-Day Supply): $177 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles (180-Day Supply): $294 + Free US Shipping

Folixine Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs Folixine.

If Folixine did not fix your baldness or affect your hair loss, you are entitled to a refund within 60 days. The manufacturer recommends requesting a refund even if Folixine fixed your bald spots, but you were unimpressed with the level of growth for any reason.

About Folixine

Folixine is made in the United States in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility. The manufacturer claims to use sterile, strict, and precise conditions.

The supplement was made by John Linkletter, a man with 35 years of experience treating patients with hair loss issues and scalp conditions. John teamed up with a colleague named Dr. Krausz to develop the formula.

You can contact the makers of Folixine and the Folixine customer service team via the following:

  • Email: support@folixine.com

Final Word

Folixine is a hair loss supplement marketed to men and women who want to reverse hair loss, fix baldness, and regrow hair using natural ingredients.

Based on a traditional recipe from a village in Namibia, Folixine claims to restore hair growth within weeks with zero side effects and a 100% success rate.

To learn more about Folixine and how it works, or to buy the gummy online today, visit Folixine.com, where a 60-day money-back guarantee backs all purchases.


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