Festivals Directory NW Publishes New Expanded Guide

“The latest edition of Festivals Directory Northwest, a quarterly publication listing information on festivals, fairs, music and art camps in the Pacific Northwest, has been released.The new edition of the directory offers detailed listings of 1360 events in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, Montana, Idaho and Alaska. The directory provides information for artists and craftsmen, food vendors and entertainers interested in working at festivals and fairs throughout the Northwest.In less than a year the directory has grown from a 56-page edition listing 600 events, to a 128-page publication listing 1360 events, along with features on festivals, crafters, musicians, service providers and organizations.This latest edition of the directory will be offered through July. For information about Festivals Directory Northwest, call 253-863-6617, e-mail info@festivals.directory.com, or visit www.festivalsdirectory.com by clicking on it in the Links directory at www.tacomadailyindex.com.”