Fee to ride Tacoma Link begins next year

Sound Transit Board of Directors Thursday approved a one-dollar fare to ride Tacoma Link starting in September 2014, then increase to $1.50 in September 2016. Youth riders will pay a fare of 75 cents, while senior and disabled riders will pay 50 cents to ride Tacoma Link in 2014, with an increase to 75 cents in 2016.

Riders will pay their fare by tapping their ORCA cards on reader machines at station platforms or purchasing a pass or ticket at ticket vending machines. ORCA cards can be purchased and loaded at orcacard.com, transit customer service offices or at any ticket vending machine. In an effort to reduce the impact of charging fares to low-income populations, Sound Transit will make available discounted transit tickets and passes to human services agencies in Pierce County.

According to Sound Transit officials, the fare will help fund the system’s operation.

Downtown Tacoma Link light rail. (PHOTO COURTESY SOUND TRANSIT)
Downtown Tacoma Link light rail. (PHOTO COURTESY SOUND TRANSIT)

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