Editor's Letter

Greetings readers,

If you regularly read the Index, you may have noticed a new byline. I am writing today to introduce myself and provide some insight into what I would like to accomplish as the new editor of this daily publication.

First, some background information. I arrive at the Index after nearly a decade of work as a freelance reporter, managing editor, contributing writer, and staff columnist at more than a dozen small newspapers and magazines in the Pacific Northwest. I was a contributing writer at Washington Law & Politics magazine, where I received honors from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2001 and 2003 for my government/political reporting. I also worked at the Washington Free Press, Asian Focus, and The Enterprise. I am presently a contributing writer at Earshot Jazz magazine, where my articles about the Pacific Northwest jazz scene have appeared since summer 2002.

Second, as the editor of the Index my main responsibility is simple: write about business and construction in Tacoma and Pierce County. One couldn’t pick a better city in which to accomplish this task. Scores of development projects are under way, and I merely need to step outside my office, look around, and pick the next story.

Still, the job is a challenge. Why? I have a duty to highlight the business- and commerce-related people, organizations, and issues that will engage readers and provide a better understanding of this city’s development boom. What is the relationship between development and community? Which businesses and individuals are carving unique and interesting spaces in Tacoma’s business community? Who are the small-business leaders that readers need to know about? These are some of the questions I hope to answer (and share with you) at the Index.

Finally, one may argue that the Index is too small to matter. Stacked beside other business newspapers, the Index is tiny. I disagree. The Index’s front page is precious. As such, I must pick only the most important, engaging, and interesting news and information to readers within a limited space.
I look forward to that opportunity, and hope that you look forward to issues forthcoming.