Downtown Tacoma Storefronts Brighten Up With Expanded Presence of Upscale Retailers

“Storefront windows in downtown Tacoma that have been dark and hosting only “For Lease” signs, are beginning to brighten with renewed life this fall.On Pacific Avenue between 9th and 10th streets downtown, several retail businesses have joined to purchase the Metsker Building. What one new owner described as having resembled “a pigeon coop” when they first viewed the building, now hosts the bright inviting storefronts for Blitz & Company Florist, Wilasian Trading Company, Inc., Close to Home Furnishings and Michael Bowman Designs, an interior decorator.Blitz & Company decided to relocate to the new, larger and more prominent location from their previous Court C shop, while Wilasian Trading Company moved from their warehouse on the Tideflats seeking a higher retail profile and more attractive retail space. The building also features newly renovated upstairs office space for lease.Blitz & Company is a full service florist with gifts, cards and holiday decor. Wilasian Trading Company is a direct importer of Asian antiques, including Chinese furnishings and accessories dating as far back as the Ming period. Most pieces date from 100 to 300 years old.Close to Home Furnishings offers contemporary stylish home furniture and accessories.”